Train & Travel Advice Service

Not sure where to go and which Eurail Pass to choose? Make sure you see everything you want to see with the right Eurail Pass by using our Train & Travel Advice Service. In 4 steps, our European train travel experts will advise you on your ideal itinerary based on your preferences and time of travel. We’ll help you create your perfect train itinerary. The price is only USD $ 10.


Tell us your travel preferences

How does it work in 4 steps 

  • 1. Fill in the inquiry form to let us know your wishes and preferences 

  • 2. Within 24 hours*, you will receive our first advice from one of our experts via email 

  • 3. You can give us feedback on any changes you would like 

  • 4. Within 24 hours* you will receive the second and final advice

* Business days, Monday-Friday, based on CET


What does the advice include? 

  • Based on your preferences, wishes and travel period we will advise you on the following: 

  • Your ideal Eurail Pass (countries, validity, travel days and costs) 

  • Your ideal itinerary (where to go, when and costs) 

  • Your trains for seeing it all (trains, stations and times) 

  • Your reservations you might need for certain trains 

  • Accommodations you could book for this itinerary 

  • Partner and Pass benefits