What is Eurail?

Eurail is a rail pass for flexible train travel throughout Europe. There are several types of Eurail Passes which you can use for travel. The most popular Eurail Pass is the Eurail Global Pass, which enables rail travel in 28 European countries with one pass.

Eurail does not offer so-called 'point-to-point tickets', meaning tickets for single or return travel between two cities.

Eurail.com is a subsidiary of the Eurail Group. This is a cooperation between 32 European railways and some ferry lines. This means that Eurail.com offers Eurail passes directly from the source. Eurail Passes have been around since 1959.

Eurail itself is not a railway company. This means that there is no such thing as a Eurail train. Instead, we facilitate rail travel by cooperating with railway companies in 28 different countries.