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Mobile versus paper Pass


Traveling with a Eurail Pass was already the easiest and most flexible way to see Europe. Now, with the Eurail mobile Pass, we made it even easier! Travel paper-free and enjoy the added benefits of going mobile. Mobile VS Paper; check out the side-by-side comparison below.

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What is a mobile Pass? 

Our mobile Pass is a paperless ticket that can be added instantly to your phone. With everything on one app from planning your trip to boarding the train, you're free to explore 33 European countries with ease. Enjoy more freedom than ever before; you'll even have the added flexibility to start traveling when you're ready.

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What is a paper Pass?

Our paper Pass is our original paper rail Pass which also allows you to travel through 33 countries in Europe (it's the perfect travel companion for meticulous planners). Start traveling on your pre-chosen start date and fill in the Travel Diary as you go. You're free to go everywhere the train can take you!



Instant delivery


Delivery is instant when you buy a Eurail mobile Pass; you'll receive it by e-mail right after we receive your payment. So there's no need to wait for your Pass to be delivered to your door. The e-mail containing your Pass has all the information on how to get started with our Rail Planner app, and how to activate your Pass.

Delivery by mail


If you buy a Eurail paper Pass, you'll receive it the conventional way! it will be delivered right to your door, or to the alternative address you provided in the check-out process.


More about delivery


Types of Passes



When you pick a mobile Pass, we'll send you the activation code after you've made the payment. All you have to do is download the Rail Planner app and follow the steps to activate your Pass, and you're good to go!

Original Pass


As mentioned before, a paper Pass will be sent to you by mail and it will be delivered right at your door. You can track your package with the Track and Trace code we'll send you after purchase. 


Nice to know: our Pass covers are made of recycled paper!


Start date

No set start date


After you've purchased your Eurail mobile Pass, you can activate it whenever you want. So, you can either start traveling right away, or activate your Pass on any day within 11 months from the day of purchase. It doesn't get more flexible than this!

Travel from a set date


During checkout, you have to set a start date for your Eurail trip. You need to be sure on what date you'll start traveling. After setting your start date, it's only possible to change it by exchanging your Pass (€15 exchange fee).


Loss or theft

Free replacement Pass 


We want you to have the time of your life in Europe, so if you lose your device*, we will help you set up your Pass on another one (for free).


*Tip: always take out travel insurance that covers the loss and theft of any digital device(s) you'll bring on your trip.

No replacement Pass


Conversely, you cannot get a refund for a lost or stolen paper Pass (or replacement train tickets) unless you bought Pass Protection* before we discontinued it. 


*For sale until 3 October 2022