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The Ultimate European Foodie Itinerary

If you want to really understand the culture of a place, you have to eat its food. Now more than ever, food is becoming its own special way of connecting with a destination no matter how close or far away it may be. From down-to-earth pubs to chic, Michelin-starred restaurants to your own kitchen, the food on your plate tells a story. If you listen carefully, you'll learn a lot.


Our ultimate foodie tour combines the best of Europe's culinary superstars: France, Spain, and Italy. Investigate each one individually as a deep dive into the diverse delicacies or contemplate all three together for a gastronomic grand tour of epic proportions. Each one has tips on where you can connect one country to the next.




If you start your adventure in the land of tapas and paella, you'll quickly learn that Spanish cuisine goes so much deeper than that. With many regions representing different cultures and ingredients unique to their geography, you'll be blown away by the variety of flavors you'll find in Spain.


You can connect Spain to France via Barcelona or San Sebastián.




There's no end to the culinary connotations surrounding French food. Richness, depth of flavor, meticulous preparation, and national pride abound in a cuisine renowned the world over as the gold standard for fine dining. When you look beyond the grandeur and the reputation, you'll find a vibrant gastronomy that makes the most of local ingredients in working-class meals and Michelin-starred restaurants alike.


You can connect France to Spain via Toulouse or Bordeaux.


You can connect France to Italy via Nice or Lyon.




Italy's cuisine is as big as its personality. From internationally-revered favorites, like pizza, to local specialities, such as lampredotto, there is amazing food waiting for you around every corner. If all you picture when you think about Italian food is pasta with tomato-based sauces, you've got another thing coming.


You can connect Italy to France via Milan or Genoa.



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