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The perfect music for your journey, adapting to your surroundings in real-time.

Curious to hear what your Interrail adventure will sound like?

Discover Europe's SoundTracks

To celebrate 50 years of Interrail and the spirit of travel and exploration we created SoundTracks! The perfect music to accompany you on your train journey. Adapting in real-time to your location, scenery, time of day and weather conditions.

How does it work?

Using only your GPS location we receive anonymous information on your location, time of day, surrounding scenery and even the weather!

We feed all of these data points into our SoundTracks app. Based on your personal parameters we generate a completely unique track to listen to while you sit back and enjoy the views.

Time of day

Number of possible tracks: Infinite

A 100% unique soundtrack for every traveller, on every train, across our entire European train network.

Curious to hear what your Interrail adventure will sound like?

Do you love to travel and can't wait to explore more? Say yes to adventure! Book a pass now, and start planning your trip! Choose from over 30.000 destinations in 33 countries.

Once you're on board, just sit back, push play on your unique SoundTrack and enjoy the ride. Happy travels!

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Celebrating 50 years of Interrail

In 1972, a one-time offer was introduced to European youths aged 21 and under to promote European exploration and friendship between nations. For the first time, young people had a chance to freely travel across Europe, using one Pass to navigate the railway systems of 21 different countries. Fast forward to today and Interrail now offers unlimited access to over 30.000 destinations in 33 different countries. The whole of Europe is ready for you to discover! Where will you travel to today?