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Celebrating one million stories

Here at Eurail, we’re celebrating a pretty exciting milestone: one million passes sold in 2023! That's one million unforgettable stories, all written by you, our travelers. 


We’re so grateful you chose to explore Europe by train. Now, we're excited to launch a brand new series of stories spotlighting your incredible adventures.


Throughout December, we will be unveiling five inspiring stories about our travelers' journeys, one by one, in a countdown to 2024. By the end of the month, their stories will form an itinerary you can follow to experience the beauty of Europe. 


Want to share your own travel story with us? Just fill out this survey for the chance to be highlighted on our website. Happy traveling! 

1 million stories route map

Stop 1: Palermo, Italy 


Three months exploring Europe, with three children under the age of 15. Some parents might find the idea daunting – but Gustavo said the memories from his family’s experience traveling by train from Edinburgh to Palermo will last a lifetime. 


“This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better, to make strong connections and bonds between you and your spouse and your kids,” he said. 




Stop 2: Naples, Italy 


“What is your story?” A senior traveler posed this question to Amina on a train from Naples to Bologna. 


The man’s question sticks with Amina to this day. “No one ever asked me that before,” Amina explained. “It was so beautiful.”


For Amina, this simple yet profound encounter underscored the power of solo travel – the connections that can be forged by simply being open to a conversation with a fellow train passenger.




Charlotte on her Interrail journey

Stop 3: Marseille, France


Charlotte and her friends took the train through Switzerland, France, Spain and beyond during their school break. 


With extra time in their schedules, they decided to save money on seat reservations and take the regional train on the way from Marseille to Barcelona. 


Nothing could have prepared Charlotte for the beauty she saw on the way from Marseille to Barcelona.  


"It was the best decision I could've made," she said.



Charlotte on her Interrail journey

Stop 4: Bern, Switzerland


An 11-billion ton glacier. Around 1,500 lakes. 48 mountains towering more than 4,000-metres into the sky.


Travellers from all over the world dream of witnessing Switzerland’s natural wonder. Last year, Nowshad was one of them. 


“I visited Switzerland for 10 days, without spending too much money,” said Nowshad, who embarked on his first Interrail journey in 2022. In this story, Nowshad offers tips on pulling off the perfect budget-friendly trip to Switzerland. 



Tom and Facu's Eurail proposal Bernina Express

Stop 5: St. Moritz


Dazzled, inspired, overwhelmed by nature’s beauty – these are the emotions many travelers report feeling during a ride on the Bernina Express train route. But stressed? Not usually. 


Yet Tom experienced serious nerves in the middle of his journey from Tirano to St. Moritz. The reason: he was about to propose to his longtime partner, Facu, on the train.


“My hands were sweating so much,” Tom said, with a laugh. “I knew he would say ‘yes,’ for sure. But you don't know how anyone will react, right?” 



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