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Things to be aware of before you start traveling


Traveling by train in Europe is an adventure, and you'll find out many things along the way. However, some insights regarding trains and Passes are good to know in advance. So take a moment to check out our tips before you hop on the train!


Tips for train travel


A useful collection of tips for boarding the train, finding your seat, and how to get around the station.


Ordering info


Find out all about ordering your Eurail Pass. We'll send your mobile Pass straight to your inbox.


Useful train information


Find out everything there is to know about European railway companies and stations and the difference between 1st and 2nd class.



For some trains, like night trains and high-speed trains (for example, Eurostar, Thalys, and TGV), it's mandatory to reserve a seat. These reservations are not included in your Eurail Pass. You can buy them through our Reservation Service for 95% of the trains in Europe. 


Try and book your seats as far in advance as possible; for most trains; you can do this up to 3 months in advance. This is especially recommended if you are taking popular trains, are traveling in a bigger group or are traveling in high season. 


It's also possible to avoid trains with seat reservations altogether by traveling by regional train. Regional trains may be slower, but they're a great way to discover smaller towns and villages. 


Travel insurance 


Travel safely and match your insurance to your trip. Get covered for medical bills and gear like cameras, tablets, and phones, but also for 140 extreme sports and activities and of course your luggage. 


Currencies in Europe


The Euro is the currency of many European countries, but some of them have their own currency. Of the 33 countries covered by our passes, in only 19 you can pay with the Euro. Find out if you need foreign currencies for the countries you're traveling to.


Entry requirements


Learn what the rules are for entering Europe, the Schengen countries, and whether you need to apply for a visa.


Eurail Travel Deals


Check out the latest travel deals from our partners and make more out of your trip to Europe. From accommodation to travel insurance to attractions in 31 countries, we've got you covered.


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I like how your website is organized and contains all of the information that one needs to buy the correct pass, see timetables, and book/reserve seats on the trains you need to take to reach your destination(s). The site is straightforward, informative, and well thought out. I've never travelled by train in Europe but I already feel like I've done it many times.


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