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Sustainable tourism in Europe


Get onboard the fast track to a greener future with sustainable tourism and Go one stop further to make all your trips environmentally friendly: be kind to strangers, yourself, and the beautiful world we all share. Slow down when you travel, support local businesses, and travel in an eco-friendly way. Responsible tourism matters, so learn how to make a difference to travel as a catalyst for good.

Ecotourism is good for the planet


It's no secret that the environmental impact of the tourism industry has contributed to climate change and global warming. Carbon emissions produced by tourism are significant, so mindful initiatives that encourage people to travel in a way that protects our planet's natural resources make a big difference. Simply choosing to travel by train for sustainability reasons is an excellent step in the right direction.


Responsible travel supports local businesses


Small choices you make while traveling can positively impact the local economy of places you visit. By looking beyond destinations and activities that are draws for mass tourism, you can look for small-scale operations run by local people that will help you support local communities and get a more authentic taste of the culture. This counts as much for shops, bars, and restaurants as much as is does for tours, landmarks, and even the cities you visit. Choosing a city with fewer tourists can help you discover things you'd never come across in a big city suffering from over-tourism.


Sustainable tourism benefits you as a traveler


Whether it's the crisp, cool breeze of the mountains or the salty spray of the sea, there's something regenerative about taking in a deep breath of fresh air. Getting out in nature to relax, exercise, or simply explore can do wonders for your well-being. Taking things slow lets you observe more culture and beauty than you could in a hurry. Being mindful about how you travel also makes you feel good because you know that you're caring for natural resources, humankind, future generations, and even yourself!


Sustainable tourism by train in Europe


We know you care about the planet (we do, too), and that's why the future of train sustainability is Eurail. By traveling through Europe by train, you can lower your carbon footprint and leave more traces on beaches and hiking trails instead. You can save money on transportation and have more left over to support local businesses. You can speed up happiness when you slow things down. You can see so much more when you Go one stop further.


With 33 countries, over 30,000 destinations, and built-in responsible tourism, Eurail has all the stops to further your curiosity.

What is sustainability?


Sustainability has many different meanings in different fields. One of the first definitions comes from a report by the World Commission on Environment and Development:

"Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

People, planet & profit


As time goes by, it's becoming more and more apparent that we need to make swift changes to fight against climate change so we can leave a liveable planet for generations to come.