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Helping travelers to discover Europe since 1959


We've come a long way since 1959, when the Eurail Pass was introduced (hence the company's name), a one-off ticket for unlimited train travel in 13 countries. In 1972, the Interrail Pass was launched and European travelers were welcomed into the Eurail family.


Today, our customers can reach 30,000+ destinations in 33 countries with our Passes. Every year, tens of thousands of travelers from across the globe explore and experience Europe by train with a Eurail or Interrail Pass.


Eurail: the one-stop shop to spark your curiosity 


When you hop on board with a Eurail Pass, you'll travel with the most flexible option on the rails. So engage your curiosity and go one stop further. With our mobile Pass, you'll have Europe in your back pocket. 


We strive to be the ideal travel companion to experience Europe. When it comes to customer service, you won't find a more dedicated team. We sell Passes to travelers worldwide and are committed to helping them have an unforgettable journey.


Company information:


  • Name: Eurail B.V. and Interrail (or Eurail) as licensed tradename of Eurail B.V.
  • Company Address: Leidseveer 10, 3511 SB Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Chamber of commerce registration: Eurail BV is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 30206952
  • VAT number: 815367132B01

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