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"We create connections that leave lasting impressions."


Where we come from

'We created a travel revolution ensuring European travel is accessible for the many.'


In 1959, the first Eurail Pass enabled international travelers to explore a newly unified and reopened Europe. Offering access to 13 countries at first, the Pass gave visitors the freedom to hop on and off trains and cross borders at their own pace. From 1972, the Interrail Pass made it possible for young Europeans to get to know their own continent. What started as a one-time offer, turned in to over 250,000 travellers discovering Europe every year.


We can proudly say that Interrail and Eurail have become a worldwide symbol for rail travel in Europe, providing travelers access to more than 250,000 km of interconnected railways across 33 different countries. 


Where we are now

In 2020, Eurail launched the first-ever mobile version of its Interrail and Eurail Passes: a paperless, all-in-one digital Pass that gives travelers even more freedom and flexibility to discover new landscapes, cities and cultures by train. 


We empower travelers to go one stop further from what they already know, to dive deeper into any stop they come across and absorb the diversity Europe has to offer. With a Pass in hand and Europe at feet, we inspire and encourage travellers to ride the rails and let curiosity take them places.


"We advocate for the positive impact travelling can have in the world."

The freedom to choose


Go where you want, when you want.


Create a flexible, personal travel itinerary that offers the freedom of choice at every stop.

Extensive European Network


Widest travel network in Europe.


Connect to over 40.000 destinations in 33 countries with one Pass. Always arrive in the heart of your chosen destination.

Conscious travel


The responsible and impactful choice.


Travel with the environment in mind, relax and appreciate the journey as well as the lesser-know destinations.