Game of Thrones destinations

8 filming locations you can visit with a Eurail Pass


Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm. If you’re a fan of the show and planning a trip to Europe, you’ll already know that the many of the Seven Kingdoms are actually influenced by real destinations over there. Here’s how to get to some of the most famous Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia, Spain and Ireland with a Eurail Pass.



1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is probably the most famous of the Game of Thrones filming locations. From the moment you arrive in this dramatic walled town, you’ll feel pangs of nostalgia and a sense of awe. You’ll also instantly see why the production team opted for this as one of the major locations. There’s a palpable sense of history flowing through the streets, and it all feels like a permanent movie set.


Recognizable locations: King’s Landing, House of the Undying (Minceta Tower), The Red Keep (Lovrijenac Fortress), Qarth (Lokrum).

How to get there: Take the train from Zagreb to Split. From there, you’ll find regular buses to Dubrovnik, as well as ferries in peak season.
2. Split, Croatia

Much like Dubrovnik, it’s easy to imagine yourself walking through the set of an epic movie on a casual saunter through Split old town. Many scenes were shot inside this UNESCO World Heritage site. As such, there’s less a sense of individual grand locations, and more an overall fantasy feel. The Roman emperor Diocletian built his palace throughout Split. Thanks to him, you can stay in beautiful old buildings, have an immersive experience, and view many of the attractions at no cost.


Recognizable locations: Meereen and the site of Daenerys’ throne room.

How to get there: There are three daily trains to Split from the capital Zagreb, which take approximately 6 hours.
3. Ston, Croatia

Just a short bus ride away from Dubrovnik are the famous Walls of Ston. This dramatic structure has played an important role in the King’s Landing. They form the fortifications surrounding the western side of the city. The region is getting more popular with location-chasing tourists, but it’s still a beautiful destination regardless of your interest in the show.


Recognizable locations: King’s Landing.

How to get there: Follow the directions to Dubrovnik. From there, buses will connect you to Ston in approximately 60 minutes. There are also several companies who include this as a stop in a regional Game of Thrones tour.
4. Girona, Spain

Not all Game of Thrones filming locations glory goes to Croatia. The Spanish medieval city of Girona has also served as a more recent base for filming. Scenes from season six include shots of the famous old town, the cathedral, Arab Baths, and Jewish Quarter.


Recognizable locations: Several locations, including the Cathedral of Girona and its steps, Arab Baths, El Call, and Plaça dels Jurats.

How to get there: There are trains every half hour to Girona from Barcelona, which take approximately 40 minutes.
5. Bardenas Reales Natural Park, Spain

Dedicated GoT fans can make the trek to the haunting location of the Dothraki Sea in Bardenas Reales. It’s situated in north-eastern Spain and the beautiful desert landscape is worth the journey there alone. Although the region is only a recent addition to the growing list of European locations, it’s already proven a popular pilgrimage for watchers of the show.


Recognizable locations: Dothraki Sea (Bardenas Reales Natural Park).

How to get there: There are regular trains to nearby Tudela de Navarra. At this point, you’ll need make your way to the Natural Park by car.
6. Seville, Spain

Seville may have garnered its original screen fame due to Star Wars, but recent seasons of Game of Thrones have also featured this iconic Spanish city. In particular, parts of season 5 featured the interior and exterior of Seville’s beautiful Alcazar, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Recognizable locations: Water Gardens of Dorne (Alcazar of Seville).

How to get there: There are regular trains to Seville from Madrid, which take approximately 2.5 hours.
7. Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland

If you’re easily scared by the thought of White Walkers, then it’s best if you give this Game of Thrones location a miss. The beautiful 600-hectare Tollymore Forest Park in Northern Ireland offers incredible views, plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, and has also shown up in several episodes of the show.


Recognizable locations: It’s here that Ned Stark and his sons found those direwolf pups. Even though it’s impossible to track down all key locations, much of the forest will feel eerily familiar.

How to get there: Belfast is a major rail hub in Northern Ireland, and from there you can catch a bus or rent a car to reach the forest.
8. Castle Ward, Northern Ireland

Castle Ward is a beautiful tourist attraction in its own right, but its feature as one of the prominent Game of Thrones filming locations has only elevated this beautiful structure’s status. It served as the courtyard of Winterfell, and a visit here will instantly transport you into this thrilling fantasy land.


Recognizable locations: Winterfell (Castle Ward courtyard).

How to get there: Like Tollymore Forest Park, there is no train connection to Castle Ward. The easiest way to reach the location is to drive. You can easily combine a trip to both locations over two days from Belfast if you rent a vehicle.

Tracking down key Game of Thrones filming locations isn’t always an easy task. But given the show’s sprawling and expanding list of key destinations, you can fit a few places into your itinerary. Cross a handful on a Eurail journey through Croatia, Spain, and Northern Ireland that will make your trip even more memorable.