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Are you a journalist or content creator with a loyal audience? If you're interested in Going One Stop Further and exploring Europe by rail, we'd be delighted to explore the possibility of offering you a complimentary Interrail / Eurail Pass. Share your creative ideas with us by sending your responses to the questions below to with the subject line "Collaboration Request."


In your proposal, please try to be as detailed as possible, providing us with information related to where you will be publishing your content as well as a detailed itinerary of your upcoming travel plans. 



  1. Full name
  2. Country of residence
  3. Social media platforms, blog, and/or media publications
  4. Who is your main target audience and where are they from? Please attach a media kit if available
  5. Itinerary details
  6. Destinations you want to visit
  7. Duration and date of travel
  8. Number of Passes requested
  9. Have you collaborated with Eurail before?
  10. Anything else you would like to add


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