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Social Responsibility

At Eurail, we want to make sustainable travel the only way to travel. Selling train passes to customers from 168 countries for travel in 33 European countries is a pretty big responsibility! That's why we strive for healthy and ethical practices in everything we do.

How does your Eurail journey have a positive impact?

Healthier planet


Eurail helps to reduce the environmental impact of your travels through Europe.


Environmentally-friendly trains

Trains emit less than 11 pounds of CO2 per 62 passenger miles compared to planes (50 pounds) and cars (about 40 pounds). This way, Eurail travelers can reduce their individual carbon footprints.


We seek sustainable solutions

We aim for sustainability in our physical products too: Eurail Passes went mobile!


We believe in green travel

We're owned by European railway and ferry companies. Through their commitment to renewable energy sources and the reduction of CO2 emissions, we're able to support Green Travel and a healthier planet.

Healthier People


The people who make your trip happen (the guys at Eurail) care about our environment too.


We travel green

20% of our empoyees commute by train, 67% cycle or work from home, and only 3% drive to work. 


Everything we do is digital

As an e-commerce company we avoid waste of print paper and recycle too. We have a clean desk policy - no rubbish!


We educate and develop

We incest heavily in training, to send our employees on the right track, and offer flexible working hours.



At Eurail we're always up for supporting the wider community as well as European businesses with socially responsible values.


Our business partners

We work with environmentally responsible, ISO14001 certified fulfillment centers, also members of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition. Through this, we ensure Eurail Passes meet industry standards.


Sponsoring the community

We sponsor social initiatives including AEGEE-Europe's Europe on Track project. By providing complimentary train passes to campaigners, we can help them spread awareness of important issues.

Advantages of train travel


Not only are trains one of the most environmentally-friendly ways of traveling across Europe, they are super practical too. For example, trains take you to the hearts of cities so you don't need to catch any additional buses or taxis.

What is Eurail?


A Eurail Pass gives you unrivaled access to the train and ferry networks in 33 European countries. It's the freedom to go on an adventure, traveling from city to city using a form of transport that pollutes way less than flying.