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How to use your Eurail paper Pass

Everything you need to know about using your Eurail paper Pass

Travel to over 40,000 destinations

Your Eurail Pass lets you hop on and off most trains as you please instead of buying individual tickets.

Breeze through ticket inspections

Your Eurail Pass is your ticket. Activate it before you go, then fill in all your details before you board each train.

Enjoy unlimited travel

Take as many trains as you like from midnight to midnight on each of your travel days, whichever Pass you choose.

Activate your Pass before you set off

Before you board your first train, you need to activate your Pass. If you know your start date, we can do this for you when you buy your Eurail Pass.


If not, you can also do this for free at a larger European train station before you board your first train – they'll fill in your details and stamp your Pass. 


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Use your travel days however you like

A travel day is any day you use your Eurail Pass to travel. When you buy your Pass, you're choosing how many travel days you get for your trip.


24 hours of unlimited travel

On each of your travel days, you can take as many trains, boats or buses in our network as you like, from midnight to midnight. You can use a few in a row or spread them out – you choose when and how you use your travel days.


Last travel day

You can use your Pass up until 11:59pm on your last travel day. After that, it'll simply no longer be valid for travel – you don't need to do anything else.


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33 countries, 1 rail pass

Get ready to explore the destinations you've always dreamed of.

Record each journey in My Trip

Before you board each new train, bus, or ferry; be sure to record the journey details in My Trip. You can find the My Trip section on your Pass Cover.


Always remember to record the departure time, the station you're traveling from and the station you're traveling to for each leg of your journey. These details make your Pass valid during ticket inspections.


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Get extra benefits and discounts

Save as you travel with discounts on everything from top attractions to ferry trips and hostel stays with our 100+ partners in Europe.


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Book your seat reservations

Some international and high-speed routes ask you to buy an extra seat reservation along with your Pass. We can help you book those before you go.


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