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Is a Eurail Pass worth it?

Should I buy a Eurail Pass or point-to-point tickets?

If you’re simply traveling from A to B and can commit to a specific time, a Eurail Pass probably isn’t for you. But if you’re planning a longer journey with multiple stopovers and changes, the flexibility and convenience of a Eurail Pass is unrivalled – and for many popular routes it works out cheaper than point-to-point tickets, especially if you’re traveling as a group or with children and you can take advantage of Eurail discounts.

Avoid hours of planning and queues at the station

A Eurail Pass makes booking your big trip so much simpler

Point-to-point tickets

individual tickets

Booking every leg of your journey months in advance takes a lot of meticulous planning and research

With so many resellers and train companies selling different tickets, you need to understand where to look and when to book to snap up the limited cheap tickets before they increase in price.

If you’d rather turn up on the day and buy your ticket at the station, you’ll end up waiting in line and paying a lot more for your journey.

One Eurail Pass

One Eurail pass

With a Eurail Pass, you just need to buy one ticket before you go, and possibly book some seat reservations depending on where you intend to travel.


Of course, it’s wise to map out your itinerary in advance – but you don’t need to worry about booking tons of separate tickets and digging around for the best price as your Pass gives you total flexibility.


Just turn up at the station and start your adventure!

Save money on many popular itineraries

The more journeys you take each day, the more you can save.

It's always good to compare prices, like in the following examples.  



Let's say you and your partner are traveling 1st class through the Alpine scenery of Austria.


Point-to-point tickets

Prices are subject to change all the time!
  1. Vienna–Graz: €136.60

  2. Graz–Klagenfurt: €147

  3. Klagenfurt–Salzburg: €183.40

  4. Salzburg–Innsbruck:  €165.20

Total: €632.20 for two people


Eurail Austria Pass

4 days of travel in 1 month: €458

Reservation fees: €0

Total: €458 for two people


✔ You save €174.20 with a Eurail Pass

9 cities, 7 countries


You are under 27 and on a solo adventure across Europe in 2nd class.


Point-to-point tickets

Prices are subject to change all the time!
  1. Milan–Venice: €35

  2. Venice–Munich: €114

  3. Munich–Vienna: €58

  4. Vienna–Budapest: €56

  5. Budapest–Prague: €133

  6. Prague–Berlin: €97

  7. Berlin–Amsterdam: €116

  8. Amsterdam–Paris: €150

  9. Paris–Nice: €50

Total: €809 for 1 person


Eurail Global Pass:

10 days of travel in 2 months: €409

Reservation fees: €77

Total: €486 for 1 person


✔ You save €323 with a Eurail Pass

Enjoy a totally flexible travel experience 


Lose a ticket? Miss a connection? With a Eurail Pass, it’s no big deal

Point-to-point tickets

Point-to-point tickets

With individual tickets for each journey, all it takes is one delay, cancellation or missed connection to mess up your entire onward itinerary. Likewise, if you lose just one ticket, your whole itinerary is at risk of falling apart.

You also have no flexibility to change your travel plans, which can mean missing out on more time in the cities you’re not ready to say goodbye to, or spending a day too long in a town you just didn’t click with.

One Eurail Pass

One Eurail pass train

You only need to look after a single ticket, and if you lose it and you’ve chosen our Pass Protection, we’ll cover the costs of replacement train tickets up to the remaining value of your Eurail Pass.

Your Pass gives you the freedom and flexibility to hop on and off most trains as you please, as long as your Pass is valid in that country. If you miss a train, it’s no problem – just jump on the next one.

And if you want to change your plans, you can! Wander off the beaten track, take an unscheduled day trip or stay longer in a city you love – it’s your adventure, after all.

When to buy point-to-point tickets:

✔ If you’re just going from A to B and can commit to a specific time

When to buy a Eurail Pass:

✔ If you want to travel freely and flexibly to multiple destinations across Europe