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Travel Europe like a local with a 2nd class Eurail Pass for adults


One of the best things about a Eurail Pass is the choice and freedom it gives you to embark on a totally unique journey. No matter where you want to go, we have a Pass that suits your trip. And now, with 2nd class Eurail Passes for adults you can get even closer to the sights and sounds that Europe has to offer. Because traveling like a local is all part of the fun!

Go further with your budget

For up to 23% less than a 1st class Eurail Pass, adults aged 28 and over can choose a 2nd class Pass to travel through one or more European countries in 2nd class cars. That means that if you buy your 2nd class Pass now, you can afford to extend your trip or explore more destinations, all while getting closer to Europe than ever before.

Expand your itinerary


Got your heart set on 3 bordering countries? Choose a Eurail Global Pass to give yourself the freedom to venture across the borders of no less than 33 countries!

Choose extra travel days

Wish you could spend more time in your favorite cities? Don’t rush the sights you always wanted to see – double your travel days from 5 to 10 for just 25 Euros more by opting for a 2nd class Eurail Global Pass over 1st class.

1st class vs 2nd class

Not sure which Pass to pick? The difference between 1st and 2nd class varies across Europe, but here’s what you can expect on most trains.

Common differences between 1st and 2nd Class

1st Class

  • More space and quieter carriages

  • Access to first-class lounges at stations

  • Complimentary refreshments on some services

2nd Class

  • Comfortable seats and enough room for luggage

  • Access to the café or restaurant car

  • A livelier atmosphere on board the train

If you’re still not sure, check out this our detailed look at the differences between 1st class and 2nd class train travel.