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Using the Eurail Trip Planner

To find your perfect rail Pass, simply fill out the following details:


1. The European city where you'll start your Eurail trip.

2. Your trip's start date and (expected) end date.

3. All the travelers that are going on this trip.


You can change these details anytime in the next step of our Trip Planner.


Hitting the 'Go' button will take you to the map view of our Trip Planner. Here you can plan out a European adventure and see what Pass best fits your plans.




It was very easy to book

It was very easy to book and we look forward to our Global Pass travel for the second time in the New Year!

Trustpilot from Robert, Australia

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Easy to use

Your website was very easy to follow and I liked that I could push one button and select the package I wanted.

Trustpilot from Steve, USA

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