1 month in Europe: the Alternative Tour

Are you ready to see more during one month in Europe? Look past the big names and find some of the coolest European cities, with lively cultural scenes and stunning landmarks. For all you adventurers who want to not only visit Europe, but truly experience it - these are the places to go!

Itinerary | 1 month in alternative Europe | Map


  1. Ghent, Belgium

  2. Rotterdam, Netherlands

  3. Leipzig, Germany

  4. Warsaw, Poland

  5. Budapest, Hungary

  6. Belgrade, Serbia

  7. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  8. Zagreb, Croatia

  9. Bologna, Italy

  10. Lyon, France

Itinerary highlights

Discover a whole new side of Europe by visiting these 10 amazing cities in 10 different countries. From medieval Ghent to multicultural Sarajevo, and creative Leipzig to trendy Budapest - there's so much you haven't seen yet.