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Getting to Europe


Planning your trip to Europe can be intimidating, but don't let that stop you from discovering one of the best continents of the world! We're here to help, with tips on how to book your ideal flight, finding the best accommodation and more. 



Plan your trip

There are 3 things that are crucial when it comes to planning your trip:

  • Getting to Europe
  • Booking your accommodation
  • Getting from place to place


Of course the last one you've already got sorted out... we're glad you'll be using Eurail to travel around Europe. Don't forget to check if your trains need reservations! The other two points are a bit outside of our comfort zone, but we'll try and help you as best as we can. 


Below you'll find that some of our partners are a great help with figuring out your trip. Take a look!


Look for flights


Once you've figured out during what period you want to visit Europe, you can start looking for your flight tickets. There are several sites where you can find the cheapest ticket from all airlines at the click of a button. Keep in mind that if you're flexible the chances of you finding a great deal are much bigger!





Having a place to sleep every night is one of the most important things to arrange when traveling around Europe. can help you find something that fits your budget, in the area you want to stay and with all the facilities you're looking for. 


Travel insurance


The unexpected can always happen while traveling. It's one of the things that makes travel so exciting! But, it's also important to protect yourself and your belongings while away. World Nomads can help to find the best insurance for you, whether you are still planning your trip or if you are already traveling. 


Other things to prepare

From the airport to your final destination

The seat belt sign goes off, you grab your luggage and off you go! But what next? How do you get from the airport to the city center? We've got a list with all airport connections in Europe, so find yours and you're good to go!

Luggage storage

Chances are you'll arrive in Europe at an inconvenient time, for example really early in the morning. Instead of walking around with all your belongings before you can check in to your hotel, you can store your luggage with Stasher at a discounted rate.