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Czech Republic

Favorite finds from our community


Known for its beer, history, nightlife, and of course its capital city Prague. But the Czech Republic has a lot more to offer, from valleys and vineyards, to lakes and foodie scenes. Get to know it better with Prague resident Janina Michlová from Spotted by Locals who shares local spots from her city, as well as alternative destinations across the country. Our Eurail community also share a couple of favorite finds.

Local spots in Czech Republic ⭐

Spotted by Janina Michlová...

I’m an old punk, mother of five kids and a workaholic. I love old walls and Prague is full of them. I write about my favorite spots for Spotted by Locals Prague. Here's my top selection from across the Czech Republic...



Whenever you travel to Czech Republic, Prague is the city you have to visit - and you shouldn't get stuck in some touristy place. Visit the National Memorial on Vítkov Hill, enjoy the park, have a tour and a coffee, and ask for the viewpoint. You'll have a perfect view of Prague! And when you're there, make a shortcut to the hipster foodie Karlín neighborhood - through an old tunnel from Žižkov, right under the Vítkov Hill.



View from Vítkov Hill, Prague
View from Vítkov Hill, Prague

Smaller cities

If you want to see something completely different from old walls, check Ostrava or Ústí nad Labem - both crazily industrial cities surrounded by fascinating nature. For a surprisingly lively and inventive bar scene, go to Brno for sure. You won't regret it!

Bar in Brno
Bar in Brno
View of Ústí nad Labem
View of Ústí nad Labem

South Moravia

Nature and wine lovers should visit South Moravia, especially Znojmo region - my personal tip is a trip to Šobes, a beautiful and fertile vineyard. You'll have a chance to enjoy the beautiful nature and also taste local wine, as there are plenty of wine stands everywhere.

Šobes vineyard
Šobes vineyard

Favorite finds from our community

Our wonderful Eurail community have sent us photos and stories of favorite finds that they discovered while traveling in Europe. In the Czech Republic they enjoyed the views and the nature.


You can find all of the favorite finds on the map below, along with the Spotted by Locals destinations marked with stars:






By Kelsey

Old Castle Stairs

Our favorite find was the Castle Stairs in Prague. Our favorite thing to do while traveling in Europe was to explore without a map and we always ended up stumbling upon some of the most beautiful views and monuments, just like this. The cobblestone streets are a must see!


Getting there by rail: Prague Hlavni Nadrazi (the main station) is 4h 9m direct from Berlin, Germany, or 4h 5m direct from Vienna, Austria.





By Angela

České Údolí reservoir

I love this place because it felt like home! A perfect spot for swimming and having a bonfire and barbecue with friends. ❤️


Getting there by rail: Plzen Hlavni Nadrazi station is 1h 25m direct from Prague. The reservoir is located south of the city centre.

group-photo-travel-Maria Pereira

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If you want to discover more of the Czech Republic, then you can find out how to add it to your next Eurail trip with more destinations and rail travel tips on our main page.