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Exciting snow activities in Europe

When you think of snowy pastimes for wintertime fun, it's easy for your mind to drift to old stand-bys like skiing or ice skating. Perhaps that's because you've never gone on a snowmobile safari in Sweden. We're certainly big fans of exciting snow activities, so here are some of our favourites for when the thermometer takes that turn below zero.






Release the inner child in you! You don't need a snowboard, skis or even much skill to have a blast zipping down a snowy alpine slope. Take a train to Bergün, Switzerland, where you'll find some of the best tobogganing Europe has to offer. If you've got a need for speed, Hunderfossen in Norway may be a better bet.


Dog sledding


It's no surprise that snowy Sweden is a hub for snow activities like dog sledging. From Stockholm, take a train north to Lapland to cruise through frozen forests with a trusty team of huskies leading the way. It's an arctic adventure you don't want to miss!


Ice fishing


Perhaps the most tranquil activity on our list, ice fishing is the perfect outdoor activity for those wishing to simply relax and disconnect for a bit. Hop on a train to Finland, the land of a thousand (frozen) lakes, and try to catch yourself a fishy meal.




If you've ever been mesmerised by the frantic sweeping of Olympic curlers directing the course of a large granite stone that was sent sliding across the ice moments before, it's time to stop spectating. Scotland is the likely origin of this strange sport, so why not head to one of the country's 22 curling facilities to give it a try yourself this winter?


Snowball fighting


If you've run out of other ideas or want to keep a lean budget, a classic snowball fight never disappoints. Give it a go anywhere there's snow on the ground!

Which one will you try?


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