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There are always surprises when you're traveling. Whether it's a canceled train, finding an amazing hidden spot, or getting a recommendation from a local, there's always something that doesn't go ''according to plan''. Why this isn't necessarily a bad thing, you'll see in our travel stories below.

Sunshine, beach and cycling in Hungary

One of the lesser known facts about Hungary is that it has a beach. Yes! Lake Balaton is the biggest lake in the country. It's surrounded by train tracks, but it's also possible to grab a bicycle and go partly (it's 203 km in total) around the lake.


A couple of years back, we went on a biking tour with friends around the lake. It was a hot summer day and we severely underestimated the toll it would take on our stamina and water reserves. We were almost at the end of both when we came across this place dedicated for tired cyclists, "Guruljon az élet", translated as "Let life roll". A huge garden with a beautiful view to Balaton, cooling homemade lemonades, hammocks... just what we needed. 

Amazing nature and culture in the south of Spain

I have received these local recommendations while being in Cadiz with my Erasmus friends. Vejer de la Frontera is a cute, white village with nice bars where you can eat great tapas and drink the best sangria. An amazing place to spend your time with friends!


Playa de Bolonia is simply the most beautiful beach I have seen in Europe. Both locations can be reached by bus from Cadiz in 1h - 1h 30m and are nearly unknown to tourists.

Hidden beach in the south of France 

During a Eurail trip a couple of years back, I spent a couple of days in Marseille with a friend. We met some locals and got recommended to visit Massif des Calanques, a beautiful national park. 


It was a lovely (slightly challenging) hike, with fantastic scenery, and eventually it led us to find a hidden rocky beach, with no tourists in sight. It was one of the many beaches around that you can get to after hiking. The one we stumbled upon was called Caulanques Sugiton.