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Great Train Adventures for 2021

Where will you go in the new year?

The new year is almost here and with it new possibilities to travel again in Europe by train. It's time to awaken your wanderlust by checking out our selection of Great Train Adventures for 2021. Which routes will go to the top of your wish list?

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1. The Baltic Adventure

View on the Cathedral in Talinn, Estonia

In 2021 you can travel in Estonia and Latvia with your Eurail Pass. Get off the beaten track with this adventurous route, and be one of the first Eurail travelers to discover the beauty of the Baltic states.

2. Europe by Night Train

Station in Lisbon in the evening small

Travel through Europe by night on a train network that never sleeps. This alternative route takes you through 5 European countries, using only night trains. Do your traveling in your sleep and and save the daylight for exploring.

3. Midsummer Nights in Norway

Fjord and waterfall in Norway

Natural beauty is everywhere in Norway, from deep fjords and high waterfalls to plains and forests filled with animal life. Explore this wonderful country by train and you'll be rewarded with some of the most stunning views in Europe.

4. Famous Cities in Europe

San Marco in Venice in Summer

This round trip lets you discover 10 famous and diverse cities in Europe. See the waterways of Venice, the medieval streets of Prague, and the museums of Paris, to name a few. Experience Europe to the fullest with this 3-week adventure.

5. The Netherlands in 2020

Amsterdam in Summer

The year 2021 takes the cake for celebrations in the Netherlands. With the country hosting both the Eurovision Song Contest and the European football championships, the party will continue all through spring and summer.

Don't know where to go in 2020? Use our Tripplanner to create your route and find the best Eurail Pass for you!