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The Route

Canal view on Westerkerk
Canal view on Westerkerk

This journey takes you to the major floating cities throughout Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.
There is also the opportunity to stop off for a few hours in Osnabrook, Rotterdam and Antwerp!

Copenhagen-Hamburg: 4h 41m, Hamburg-Osnabruck: 1h 49m, Osnabruck-Amsterdam: 3h 07m, Amsterdam-Utrecht: 00h 26m, Utrecht-Rotterdam: 00h 37m, Rotterdam-Antwerp: 1h 05m, Antwerp-Ghent: 00h 58m

Copenhagen, Denmark


Feel warmly welcomed into Copenhagen – Denmark's highly accessible and colourful capital. 


  • Check out the popular National Museum set within the walls of an 18th century mansion


  • Discover the Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery) with free entry every day


  • Visit Christiania - the European 'free town', and marvel at the uniquly painted houses

Hamburg, Germany


Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany, and its largest port city.  A medieval city with modern features, this prosperous region’s skyline is dotted with church steeples, including St. Michel’s tower.


  • Take a stroll through the old Speicherstadt, enjoying the food and shopping


  • Dance the night away at the wide variety of nightclubs


  • Walk the Port of Hamburg and Warehouse district to experience the city’s maritime history.


  • Check out Miniatur Wunderland, an entire museum dedicated to a phenomenal model railway.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

amsterdam masthead
Amsterdam sm

Amsterdam is the beating heart of the Netherlands, and has been so since the Dutch Golden Age. Reminders of the city’s glorious past can be found everywhere, from the Royal Palace on Dam Square to the magnificent collection in the Rijksmuseum.


  • Take a stroll along the historic Canal Belt


  • Visit the Anne Frank House, where Anne and her family hid during World War II


  • Take a stroll through the Red Light District to uncover the seedier side

Utrecht, The Netherlands


The canals of Utrecht offer something unique: wharfs at water level, where terraces line up in summer. Drift down the old canal in a boat or water bike to get the true floating city experience.


  • Climb the 368 feet high (112 meters) Dom Tower for a stunning view of the city


  • To learn more about Utrecht’s history as a religious center, visit the Museum Catharijneconvent


  • Don’t miss out on the famous Rietveld-Schröder House

Ghent, Belgium


Ghent is best enjoyed by aimlessly wandering along its endless cobbled streets or blissfully breezing through the canals by boat. The city is as picturesque as nearby Bruges, but with fewer tourists.


  •  Check out the St. Bavo Cathedral.


  • Enjoy lively evenings in medieval Ghent, thanks to its large student population.


  • Relax by the canal-side at one of the many bars and cafes.

Global Pass


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