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3 to 5 Day last-minute trip

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The Route


This short itinerary takes you to 3 very different cities, only a couple of hours apart. All you need is a Global Pass and your backpack - no reservations needed!

Travel times: Vienna-Bratislava: 1h 06m  Bratislava-Budapest, 2h 26m

Vienna, Austria

Vienna sm

Vienna is said to be the capital of culture, and quite rightly so! Known for music, literature, theater, and cuisine, Vienna has exciting art and dance festivals – and don’t forget the famous Vienna coffee houses. 


What to see and do:
  • Marvel at the grandeur of the Imperial and Belvedere palaces, with their expansive gardens


  • If visiting in December, the lights, sounds, and street food of the Christmas markets are not to be missed


  • Wiener Prater houses an amusement park, with the star attraction being a classical ferris wheel that offers views over the picturesque surroundings

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava sm

Young travelers are flocking to Slovakia’s capital for a cheap and lively night out. For a more cultured visit, be sure not to miss the castles and churches of the city and the numerous museums spread throughout.


What to see and do:
  • Relax at the cafes of Old Town, always abuzz with tourists and locals alike


  • Check out Bratislava Castle, offering unbeaten views over the city and also housing the Museum of History


  • The unique UFO bar is the perfect location to view the sun set over the city while enjoying Slovakian cuisine or a cocktail

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest sm res

Budapest extends along both banks of the Danube; the fact the city is ‘split in two’ seems rather appropriate, since the city itself is filled with contradictions. Check out the Roman architecture and Gothic churches, Baroque museums, and Art Nouveau - all offering an opposing view on the city's turbulent history and culture.


What to see and do:


  • Relax in the ancient Turkish baths


  • Stop by one of the famous Hungarian coffee houses and watch the world pass by


  • The City Park has indoor and outdoor pools, a zoo and more 

Global Pass


This route requires Global Pass - and unlike most routes, you will not have to make any reservations, just hop on the train with your backpack. Choose the 3 day in one month Global Pass and start your journey today!