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7 Day last-minute trips

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For travelers looking for a week-long adventure, these two itineraries will give you a taste of Europe's landscapes, culture and thrills as you travel from the mountains to the beach. No seat reservations are required on either of these trips - just don't forget your walking boots and swimsuits!

The Routes


To the East

Germany – Austria – Slovenia – Croatia


This route takes you from the picturesque mountains in Munich to the sandy beaches of Pula through the Austrian Alps and lush Slovenian countryside. 


  • Day 1-2: Munich, Germany
  • Day 3: Innsbruck, Austria
  • Day 4: Salzburg, Austria
  • Day 5: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Day 6-7: Pula, Croatia

To the West

Switzerland – France


From the mountains of Montreux to the French Riviera, you will see the best of what these two very different landscapes have to offer over this week-long itinerary.


  • Day 1-2: Montreux, Switzerland
  • Day 3: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Day 4: Lyon, France
  • Day 5: Marseilles, France
  • Day 6-7: Nice, France

Which Pass?

Eurail mobile Global Pass

For this itinerary, you will need a 5-day Global Pass - no additional costs, as reservations are not needed. Just bring your bags and yourself, and board the first train to start your adventure!

From the Mountains to the Beach (East)

Munich-Innsbruck: 1h 44m, Innsbruck-Salzburg: 1h 46m, Salzburg-Ljubljana: 4h 20m, Ljubljana-Pula: 4h 32m
Munich sml

Day 1-2: Munich, Germany


The stunning mountainous city of Munich is a perfect way to start this trip, and what better way than to climb to the peak of Olympiaberg in the Olympic Park. This hill offers views over the city and will only take a maximum of 30 minutes at a slow pace. After this, there are many other things to see and do:


  • Book a walking tour of Munich Old Town, and try traditional Bavarian cuisine such as eisbein (pork knuckle).


  • Take a day trip to Füssen to see the famous Neuschwanstein castle, which inspired Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle.
Innsbruck sm

Day 3: Innsbruck, Austria


The first thing you’ll notice is the mountain vista that surrounds the entire Austrian town. The old town is the city’s beloved center, dressed in bright-coloured medieval buildings and home to the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) – an intricately-detailed gothic balcony.


  • For great views of the Tyrolean capital, you’ve got plenty of options – take the Hungerburg Funicular up the mountain side, or visit the Bergisel Ski Jump Stadium


  • Take the sightseeing bus to Ambras Castle, perched up on the Innsbruck mountainside


  • For the adrenaline junkies, there are heaps of adventure sports to partake in, come snow or shine

Day 4: Salzburg, Austria


Strolling through the 17th-century streets of Salzburg gives the feeling that you’re seeing the city as Mozart did 250 years ago. Don’t miss the High Salzburg Fortress (Hohensalzburg), which offers unmatched views of the city below. 


  • Salzburg’s buzzing old town features the Residenzplatz and the cathedral Dom


  • Experience the Sound of Music tour of the city, sites filmed in the movie, fun facts and more
Ljubliana sml

Day 5: Ljubliana, Slovenia


The capital city of Ljubljana is the political and cultural heart of Slovenia. You’ll find unmistakable evidence of its rich history. It’s also a vibrant, modern city that’s home to theaters, museums and galleries, such as the National Art Gallery.


  • A remarkable 10,000 cultural events take place here every year, including nearly a dozen international festivals


  • Marvel at the grandeur of the 15th-century Ljubljana castle


  • Relax in Tivoli Park, with its expansive, beautifully kept gardens right in the city centre
Pula sml

Day 6-7: Pula, Croatia


Pula is the hidden gem of Croatia. With this coastal city being home to one of the only remaining Roman colosseums. There are also beaches stretching along the coastline, many unspoilt by commercial tourism.


  • Spectate re-enactments of gladiator fights, hosted as part of "Spectacvla Antiqv"


  • Looking for some fun in the sun and sea? Ambrena Beach is the most popular 'city beach', only a short walk from the centre

From the Mountains to the Beach (West)

Montreux-Geneva: 1h 10m, Geneva-Lyon: 2h 06m, Lyon-Marseilles: 3h 30m, Marseilles-Nice: 2h 41m
Montreux sml

Day 1-2: Montreux, Switzerland


Set on the mountain side of the Alps, Montreux is an often overlooked, quaint Swiss town and the perfect place to start this week-long adventure.


  • Relax in nature by walking along the promenade, which follows the picturesque shoreline of Lake Geneva


  • Explore the hallways of the magnificent Castle of Chillon, Switzerland's most visited historical building


Day 3: Geneva, Switzerland


One of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, Geneva is home to Europe’s largest glacial lake, with the French and Swiss Alps punctuating this stunning backdrop. Most special of all is the French-styled old town with its winding roads and café terraces laid out.


  • Catch breathtaking views of Western Europe’s tallest mountain Mont Blanc (15770ft / 4807m), visible from the city center



Day 4: Lyon, France


For centuries now, Lyon has been known as the gastronomical capital of France. Go to a Bouchon, a typical Lyonnais restaurant, to taste authentic local cuisine.


  • Have a look inside the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière and observe the city from the top of Fourviere hill


  • Walk the city; start at La Place Bellecour, a central, open square with stores and a vibrant atmosphere


  • If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, visit the Parc de la Tete d’Or, one of the most beautiful parks in France
Marseille sml

Day 5: Marseille, France


Even though it's considered the black sheep of France’s Mediterranean, especially when compared to Cannes or Nice, Marseille's gritty charm is worth exploring. Its 1500-year-old history as a fishing and trade hub is a fascinating foundation for Marseille’s resurgence.


  • Take a tour of the Cathedral de la Major, its domes dominating the city skyline


  • A short boat ride can take you to Marseille's infamous prison island, 'If'


  • Let your nose lead the way to the Capucin District - a bright cultural market with spice stalls and street food aplenty

Day 6-7: Nice, France


The city of Nice is located on the Mediterranean coast near the Italian border. It’s one of the most popular tourist cities in France, second only to Paris.


  • Enjoy the gentle sea breeze on the Promenade des Anglais and work on your tan on Nice’s beautiful beaches


  • Relax in the giant city park leading to the water jets of Promenade du Paillon


  • Climb up to Castle Hill, with its artificial waterfall and picturesque surroundings - giving a view high over Nice