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5 stay at home activities to keep you prepping for travel

We all hoped that by now we would be seeing more than the view from our window. But the end is on the horizon. We've started a new year with new opportunities, and should be able to get out there again soon. As you stay at home in the coming months, we hope these 5 activities will keep you busy, while getting you ready to feel the rush of travel again.

1. Travel stories


During these long stay-at-home months, few activities are cosier than sitting down with a drink, snacks and a book or movie. Let the stories whisk you away to romantic landscapes or vibrant cities. To get you started, we've listed our favorite stories set in Europe.



2. Art


After you've inspired your imagination with some books and movies, why not give yourself a creative outlet? Put brush to canvas, pen to paper, or clay to the wheel, to create your own interpretations of Europe's famous landscapes and landmarks. 



3. Fitness


It's important to keep active while you stay at home. But a hard workout doesn't have to be hard work if you keep travel in mind. Perhaps you can put a treadmill in front of your TV and follow some virtual tours. Or try out a virtual hike or run: as you do your daily exercise you can slowly complete a climb up an Alpine mountain, or a hike along the Camino de Santiago.


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4. Food


No lockdown can stop your taste buds from traveling around Europe. Follow our Ultimate Foodie Tour in your home kitchen by attempting a different European meal each night. Then travel the itinerary by train this summer, to see if the real thing matches up to your own cooking prowess! ;)


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5. Gardening


Now is a great time to get planting. Whether you have a bedroom that looks more like a jungle or even your own vegetable patch, you can fill your home environment with plants from across Europe. Maybe you can even grow some ingredients to add to your home foodie tour!


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