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1 Month in Europe: from Paris to Venice

Explore France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy

Western Europe is densely packed with beautiful, culturally diverse and fascinating countries. They also have some of the best rail networks in the world, which means they’re perfect for exploring over the course of a month with a Eurail Global Pass.


Itinerary highlights 

Cities visited on this trip:


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Days 1 - 5: Paris, France

    The Pyramid and the Louvre museum
The Pyramid and the Louvre museum
  • Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe for the best views of Paris.

  • Take a hop-on, hop-off sightseeing boat trip along the Seine.

  • Dedicate a few hours to at least one art museum that interests you - popular choices include The Louvre and Musée d’Orsay.

  • Walk the alleyways of Montmartre, and take in the views from the steps of the white Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur.

Arriving by plane? The quickest way to reach the centre of Paris is by RER train. Trains leave Charles de Gaulle airport every few minutes. A ticket is only €10, so you might not want to waste one of your travel days.

Days 6 - 9: Lyon, France

    View from the top of Notre-Dame de Fourvière
View from the top of Notre-Dame de Fourvière
  • Visit the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière - it’s a beautiful basilica that provides an amazing view of Lyon.

  • Walk the city; start at La Place Bellecour, a central, open square with stores and a vibrant atmosphere.

  • Get some fresh air in the Parc de la Tête d’or - there are over 100 hectares of green open space surrounding a beautiful lake.

The train ride to Lyon is quick and easy with the TGV. Trains depart every hour from Paris Gare de Lyon, and arrive in Lyon after 2 hours. Though reservations are required for this leg, the TGV saves you at least three hours of travel time.

Days 10 - 13: Geneva, Switzerland

    Jet d'Eau at lake Geneva
Jet d'Eau at lake Geneva
  • Take a stroll around Lake Geneva and look out for Jet d’Eau - a massive fountain and one of the city’s most famous landmarks.

  • Visit the Palace of Nations - it’s the home of the UN, and played a critical role in history as the League of Nations headquarters.

  • Learn about the good work done by the Red Cross at the fascinating International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum.

Geneva is a great destination to travel to from Lyon. There are direct trains leaving every 2 hours, and the journey itself takes under 2 hours. An advance reservation is not required.

Days 14 - 17: Zurich, Switzerland

    Limmat river quay and Grossmünster church
Limmat river quay and Grossmünster church
  • Visit the beautiful Grossmünster - an impressive Romanesque-style church and one of four major churches in the city.

  • Take a boat cruise on Lake Zurich with ZSG boat services - Eurail Pass holders receive a 50% discount.

  • Pick between culture, sport or animals - the city is home to the FIFA World Football Museum, the beautiful Zürich Opera House, and the popular Zürich Zoologischer Garten.

The most scenic route between the two cities is the Golden Pass Express, which requires changes at Montreux and Zweisimmen. If you’re in a rush, you can also take a direct train from Geneva to Zurich that takes under 3 hours.

Days 18 - 22: Munich, Germany

    Beautiful view of Neuschwanstein castle in Füssen
Beautiful view of Neuschwanstein castle in Füssen
  • Sample the local beer. Depending on the weather, drink your Bavarian lager at a beer garden or at a cosy indoor beer hall.

  • Take a walking tour of the largely reconstructed old town and enjoy a gentle bike ride through the Englischer Garten, a large public park home to a still surfing wave on the Eisbach river.

  • Head out of town on a day trip to explore the Bavarian town of Füssen and beautiful Neuschwanstein castle. It’s a round trip of around 4 hours by train.

The average train journey between Zurich and Munich takes just under 5 hours, and there are indirect trains leaving throughout the day. Keep an eye out for the direct routes between the two cities - there are at least three per day that require no changes.

Days 23 - 26: Salzburg, Austria

    Beautiful view of Hohensalzburg Castle
Beautiful view of Hohensalzburg Castle
  • Explore the Old Town on foot, and follow in the footsteps of famous composers by sipping on a coffee at one of the street-side cafes.

  • Take in the aerial view of Salzburg from Hohensalzburg Castle.

  • If you're a fan, sign up for a Sound of Music tour, or simply head to Mirabell Palace in your own time to relive an iconic scene from the famous movie.

There are direct trains between Munich and Salzburg every 30 minutes, and the journey is quick and scenic. Most routes between the two cities take under 2 hours and do not require advance reservations.

Days 27 - 30: Venice, Italy

    Colourful houses in Venice
Colourful houses in Venice
  • Walk the winding alleyways and fascinating canals - it’s easy to spend an entire day getting lost in Venice.

  • For an incredible aerial view of the city, head up the San Marco Campanile above Piazza San Marco.

  • If budget allows, embark on a gondola tour. Or you could take the more cost-conscious option of a vaporetto, or water bus, to see the city from the canals.

The train journey from Salzburg to Venice is quite long, but beautiful as well. The quickest and most direct routes require an advance reservation, and take around 6 hours of travel. You'll have to change trains in Villach.

What Pass should I get for this itinerary?

The Eurail Global Pass (7 days in 1 month) is the ideal Pass for this itinerary. The Global Pass is valid in 31 countries and gives you a ton of freedom to travel wherever you want to go. And with 7 days of unlimited train travel you can cover a lot of distance in Europe - which is needed for this itinerary!