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1 week in Germany

Thanks to a stellar rail network, 1 week in Germany will give you enough time to explore some beautiful regions and fascinating cities throughout the country. Here’s one way to spend your time if you only have 7 days in Germany.

Itinerary highlights

Beer, castles, and Bavarian culture in Munich; castles and the Rhine Valley Scenic Line; the famous Cologne cathedral; fascinating culture and maritime history in Hamburg; somber history, trendy food, and vibrant nightlife in Berlin.

ER 1 week Germany itinerary map

Day 1: Munich

1 week in Germany | Munich's main town hall
  • Take a walking tour of Munich Old Town, then drink beer and eat eisbein (pork knuckle) in a traditional beer garden.

  • Track down the still surfing wave and relax in the Englischer Garten. The park is even bigger than Central Park in NYC!

  • Got more time? Take a day trip to Füssen to see the famous Neuschwanstein castle, which inspired Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle.


Munich Airport is 30 minutes from Munich Marienplatz Station. Take the S8 S-Bahn train to reach the town center (access to the S-Bahn is covered with your pass!).

Day 2: Heidelberg

1 week in Germany | View over Heidelberg in summer
  • Walk and window shop the vibrant old town. The main street, Hauptstrasse, will take you past many interesting places.

  • Explore the ruins of the Heidelberg Castle on the hill, one of the most important Renaissance structures in the area.

  • Relax with the swans on the riverfront, or take a boat cruise along the Neckar River.


There are direct InterCity and EuroCity trains from Munich to Heidelberg throughout the day. They take approximately 3 hours, and reservation is optional.

Day 3: Cologne

1 week in Germany | Cologne cathedral and bridge at sunset
  • Take in the sight of the Cologne Cathedral. At 157.25 meters high, it’s the second largest in Germany.

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum - a massive chocolate museum in the heart of Cologne.

  • Relax in nature at the Cologne Zoological Garden. The zoo has over 7000 animals, as well as an aquarium.


There are regular trains from Cologne to Heidelberg that under 3 hours and don't require a reservation. If time allows, be sure to take the scenic Rhine Valley Line between Mainz and Koblenz — it’s on the way to Cologne.

Days 4 - 5: Hamburg

1 week in Germany | Hamburg harbor
  • Walk the Port of Hamburg and Warehouse district to experience the city’s maritime history.

  • Check out Miniatur Wunderland, an entire museum dedicated to a phenomenal model railway.

  • Discover Hamburg’s entertainment district, the Reeperbahn. It's where the Beatles cut their teeth.


There are direct InterCity trains between Cologne and Hamburg that take approximately 4 hours. These trains run approximately every two hours. There are also regular trains throughout the day that require changes.

Days 6 - 7: Berlin

1 week in Germany | Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
  • Visit the East Side Gallery, an open-air gallery on the largest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall.

  • Take a walking tour from Brandenburg Gate to historically significant sights, then venture to the top of the Reichstag for views over Berlin.

  • Drink a coffee in a third wave café, have a burger and a craft beer in Kreuzberg, and party till dawn at one of Berlin’s famous nightclubs.


There are hourly trains between Hamburg and Berlin that take just over 90 minutes. No reservation is necessary.

Is 1 week in Germany enough for me?

If you’re looking to get a broad overview of some of Germany’s famous cities, then 1 week in Germany by rail should have you covered. The dense railway network and rapid trains that often don’t require reservations mean you’ll still get amazing value if you only have seven days to spare.


Our German Rail Pass offers you full access to the rail network in Germany. Of course you can also travel the whole of Europe, including Germany, with a Eurail Global Pass (up to 33 European countries).