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1 week in Switzerland


Switzerland’s phenomenal rail network and beautiful scenery make it ideal for rail travel. Even if you only have 1 week in Switzerland, you can maximize your time on the trains to get the most out of this extraordinary country. Here’s one way to go about it.


Itinerary highlights

The covered bridges of Lucerne; the scenery of the GoldenPass Train; the mountains, lakes and adventure sports of Interlaken; the shores of Lake Geneva; the Matterhorn in Zermatt; the thrill of the Glacier Express; the glitz and glamour of St. Moritz.



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Day 1: Lucerne

    Chapel Bridge at Lake Lucerne
Chapel Bridge at Lake Lucerne
  • Walk the covered bridges of Lucerne and the shores of Lake Lucerne.

  • Get an overview of Switzerland’s transport achievements at the fascinating Swiss Transport Museum.

  • Take in the panoramic views from the old city walls and towers.


Flying into Zurich? There’s a train ride to Lucerne every 30 minutes that takes just over one hour.

Days 2 - 3: Interlaken & Lauterbrunnen

  • Take a boat ride on Lake Thun (included in the Eurail Pass).

  • Paraglide from the Alps, go hiking, or catch a cable car to the Schilthorn.

  • If time and budget allows, take the train to the top of the Jungfrau (discounted with the Eurail Pass).


Take the GoldenPass scenic train in the morning from Lucerne to Interlaken — the journey takes approximately 2 hours and it’s included in your Eurail Pass. Reservations are optional but recommended in high season. There are regular private trains from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen - you can get a discount with your Eurail Pass.

Day 4: Montreux

    Chillon Castle by Lake Geneva
Chillon Castle by Lake Geneva
  • Continue to Montreux on the GoldenPass Line and admire the amazing scenery along the trip.

  • Walk the picturesque shores of Lake Geneva.

  • Explore the lakeside castle of Chillon


Continue on the GoldenPass Line from Interlaken to Montreux. Be sure to catch the train that goes through Zweisimmen, where you’ll change to the GoldenPass Classic.

Days 5 - 6: Zermatt

  • Window-shop on the high street in Zermatt.

  • Take the cable cars and gondolas to Glacier Paradise.

  • Spend a day hiking one of the many trails to get a perfect view of the iconic Matterhorn.


There are trains from Montreux to Zermatt every 30 minutes that require one change in Visp. The total journey time is just over 2.5 hours.

Day 7: St. Moritz

    Beautiful snowy town in St. Moritz at night
Beautiful snowy town in St. Moritz at night
  • Ride to St. Moritz on the Glacier Express scenic train, one of Europe’s most spectacular train rides.

  • Walk or jog the circumference of Lake St. Moritz.

  • Explore the exclusive stores of this famous town, then catch the evening train back to Lucerne or Zurich.


Travel on the Glacier Express between Zermatt and St. Moritz (included in your Eurail Pass). In winter there's one train that leaves at 8:52 AM. In summer there are three trains, with the first at 7:52 AM. Advance reservation is mandatory to get a spot on this popular route.

Is 1 week in Switzerland enough for me?

If you only have 1 week in Switzerland and you want to get an overview of the country’s spectacular scenery, incredibly efficient rail network, and some of the most exclusive resort towns, then this itinerary is for you.

It’s true that 1 week in Switzerland is not enough to fully appreciate all aspects of the country, but with a Eurail Pass in hand, you’ll leave with endless memories of a remarkable place. Combine your Swiss trip with more countries for the ultimate experience!