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10 days in Europe

Experience 3 of Europe's iconic capitals in just 10 days. If you only have a short stay in Europe and want to fully cover the most popular cities, this is the itinerary for you! You'll also have enough time to enjoy the beauty of train travel.


Itinerary highlights 

Cities visited in this trip:



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Paris, France

  • It wouldn't be Paris without a trip to the Eiffel Tower! Go all the way to the top for views over the city.

  • Don't miss: the Louvre Museum for its pyramid-like entrance, centuries of art, and of course the Mona Lisa.

  • Got more time? Try a serving of escargots (snails with garlic butter) and wash it down with red wine.

Book a seat on the Thalys high-speed train and reach Amsterdam in 3.5 hours.

Video train route Paris - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • Visit the Red Light District if you dare, but don't forget to admire the canals and crooked buildings in the area.

  • Don't miss: the Jordaan district for its scenic streets, authentic Dutch pubs, and the Anne Frank house.

  • Got more time? Go to Museum Square for major art museums, including the The Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum.

From Amsterdam Central Station, take a direct train to Berlin in less than 6.5 hours.

Video train route Amsterdam - Berlin

Berlin, Germany

  • Visit the 18th century Brandenburg Gate, one of the most impressive and best-known landmarks in Berlin.

  • Don't miss: the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall and Friedrichshain neighborhood for a dose of old and new street art.

  • Got more time? Pull an all-nighter at one of Berlin's epic nightclubs. Door policies are strict, so play it cool.

If you're going back to Paris, 2 trains (changing in Mannheim, Germany) will get you there in 9 hours.

Is this itinerary for me?

This itinerary is the perfect introduction to Europe. 10 days will give you enough time in each of these famous capitals. With a Eurail pass you're free to see whatever you want in each destination, then head to the next one whenever you're ready. Traveling by train also means that you'll arrive directly in the city center. No fuss with check-ins or waiting for luggage - just hop off the train and you're ready to explore!

The best train pass for this 10 day trip to Europe is the Eurail Global Pass. You'll get access to reliable trains with the flexibility to travel on any day of your trip. You can also stop over in Belgium and Luxembourg on the way!

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