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Ancient History Tour

Travel back in time with Eurail and uncover the wonders of the world! The Ancient History Tour shows you the archaeological highlights of Italy and Greece, from Pompeii's ruins to Mount Olympus's slopes.

Itinerary highlights 


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1. Rome, Italy

The Pantheon at first sunlight | Ancient History Tour
  • Start your journey in Rome, the Eternal City that was built on seven hills. Make sure to wear comfy shoes!

  • Take a full day to visit the Colosseum and walk through the ruins of palaces and temples on the Roman Forum.

  • Take your pick out of hundreds of ancient Roman sites, but don't miss out on the majestic Pantheon.


"I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble."
-Augustus Caesar

2. Naples, Italy

Pompeii in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius | Ancient History Tour
  • Take a train to Naples at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. Climb to the top of this active volcano for a great view!

  • Overlook and visit the ruins of Pompeii, the Roman city that was buried in ash after Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

  • The many stunning mosaics found at Pompeii are safely stored in the Archeological Museum of Naples.


"The universe was plunged into eternal darkness."
-Pliny the Younger

3. Brindisi, Italy

The White Town Ostuni | Ancient History Tour
  • Travel to Brindisi, and get off in Barletta to visit Cannae, where Hannibal defeated the Romans in 216 BC.

  • A large Roman column marks the end of the Via Appia, the ancient road that connected Brindisi with Rome.

  • Visit nearby Ostuni, nicknamed 'The White Town', beautifully located on a hill amidst olive plantations.


"The Appian Way, the queen of the long roads."

4. Patras, Greece

Ancient ruins in Olympia | Ancient History Tour
  • Take a ferry to Patras on the Peloponessus, where the Greek leg of your Ancient History Tour begins.

  • Climb up to Patras Castle and visit the Roman Odeon, where concerts are still held in the summer.

  • Travel by bus to Olympia, the sanctuary where the original Olympian Games were held in honor of Zeus.


"For what thing without Zeus is done among mortals?"

5. Corinth, Greece

The Lion Gate in Mycenae | Ancient History Tour
  • Travel by train to (New) Corinth, and overlook the ancient city from the top of the Acrocorinth Citadel.

  • Take a day trip to see the archaeological treasures of Argos and the historic seaport town of Nafplio.

  • In the nearby ruins of legendary Mycenae, you'll find the Tomb of Agamemnon and the famous Lion Gate.


"On the road to Argos, you see left the ruins of Mycenae."

6. Athens, Greece

The Parthenon in sunlight | Ancient History Tour
  • Travel onwards by train to Athens, the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy.

  • You simply can't miss the majestic Parthenon temple, built on top of the Acropolis in the 5th century BC.

  • Take a few days to discover Athens' monuments and museums, and watch the sunset from Areopagus Hill.


"Athens deserves to be admired."

7. Thessaloniki, Greece

Sunrise over Mount Olympus | Ancient History Tour
  • Your last stop is Thessaloniki, a popular tourist destination full of Roman and Byzantine monuments.

  • Visit the White Tower, the symbol of the city that houses an exhibition on its rich history.

  • Still got those comfy shoes? Go hiking on Mount Olympus, mythical home of the Olympian Gods.


"Is that which is holy loved by the gods because it is holy, or is it holy because it is loved by the gods?"

Which Eurail Pass should I get?

The perfect Eurail Pass for this Ancient History Tour is the Eurail Global Pass (10 days within 2 months). Let Eurail take you on an adventure of Homeric proportions!