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1 month in Europe: the Alternative Tour

Are you ready to see more during one month in Europe? Look past the big names and find some of the coolest European cities, with lively cultural scenes and stunning landmarks. For all you adventurers who want to not only visit Europe but truly experience it - these are the places to go!


Itinerary highlights 




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Ghent, Belgium

    View on medieval Ghent
View on medieval Ghent
  • Ghent is as picturesque as nearby Bruges but with fewer tourists. Check out the St. Bavo Cathedral.

  • Enjoy lively evenings in medieval Ghent, thanks to its large student population.

  • Art and music are everywhere during the Gentse Feesten, a spectacular 10-day festival held in July.

Travel by train to Rotterdam (the Netherlands) in just over 1.5 hours.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Skyline of Rotterdam
Skyline of Rotterdam
  • Rotterdam is Amsterdam's hip younger brother, with a futuristic skyline that's unique in the Netherlands.

  • Landmarks of modern architecture include the Erasmus Bridge and the brand-new Market Hall.

  • The nightlife is truly excellent, with a variety of underground clubs and live music venues.

Take several trains from Rotterdam to Leipzig (Germany) in just under 9 hours.

Leipzig, Germany

    Colditz castle near Leipzig
Colditz castle near Leipzig
  • Leipzig is one of Germany's coolest cities and its creative vibe has earned it the nickname New Berlin.

  • Enjoy architectural variety and check out St. Nicholas Church, where Bach used to play the organ.

  • Visit nearby Colditz Castle, a famous World War II prison that's been partly converted into a hostel.

The train will take you from Leipzig to Warsaw (Poland) in just under 8 hours.

Warsaw, Poland

    The Warsaw Uprising monument
The Warsaw Uprising monument
  • Warsaw is a city on the rise, with a rich art scene, some great cuisine and an undeniably cool vibe.

  • Check out the Warsaw Uprising Museum to learn about the tragic near-obliteration of the city in 1944.

  • In the up-and-coming Praga district, factories have been turned into clubs, restaurants and art galleries.

Travel by train from Warsaw to Budapest (Hungary) in just over 11 hours (reservation required).

Budapest, Hungary

    Buda Castle at sunset
Buda Castle at sunset
  • Budapest is a city of great beauty, split in two by the Danube River. Visit Buda Castle for an amazing view.

  • Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of ruin bars, housed in abandoned buildings. Look for them in District 7.

  • Had a long night in the bars? Head to the Széchenyi thermal baths for a day of swimming and relaxing.

The night train between Budapest and Belgrade (Serbia) is currently suspended due to construction work.

Belgrade, Serbia

    Belgrade Fortress
Belgrade Fortress
  • Belgrade is gritty and rough around the edges but also full of creativity and amazing nightlife.

  • The floating river clubs are the place to go, whether you prefer live music or all-night techno.

  • Visit Kalemegdan Park and watch the Danube and Sava rivers meet from the top of Belgrade Fortress.

Take a bus from Belgrade to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in just under 7 hours.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The Sebilj fountain in Sarajevo's bazaar
The Sebilj fountain in Sarajevo's bazaar
  • Sarajevo is known as the Jerusalem of Europe, a crossroads where East and West have met for centuries.

  • Have a cup of Bosnian coffee at the historic Bascarsija bazaar, dating back to the early Ottoman empire.

  • The city's greatest assets are its hospitable people. Let them tell you all about Sarajevo's fascinating history.

Take a bus from Sarajevo to Zagreb (Croatia) in just 8 to 9 hours.

Zagreb, Croatia

    Zagreb city centre
Zagreb city centre
  • Zagreb is a lovely small capital with a youthful atmosphere and plenty of good bars and restaurants.

  • Start your day by getting some fresh fruit at Dolac Market, a recognizable sea of red umbrellas.

  • Visit the unique Museum of Broken Relationships - it'll make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Travel by night train from Zagreb to Bologna (Italy) in 10 hours.

Bologna, Italy

    View on Bologna from Asinelli Tower
View on Bologna from Asinelli Tower
  • Bologna is a city of great beauty, offering medieval churches, long porticoes and hidden canals.

  • The University of Bologna is the crown jewel of this lively student city, dating back to the year 1088.

  • Climb to the top of Asinelli Tower, the highest tower in Italy, for an amazing view of Bologna.

Travel by train from Bologna to Lyon (France) in under 7 hours.

Lyon, France

    View of Lyon from Fourviere hill
View of Lyon from Fourviere hill
  • Lyon is the gastronomical capital of France, where great food and wine can be found in abundance.

  • Culture and history are everywhere, from the ancient Roman theatre to the futuristic Musée de Confluence.

  • Go to the top of Fourvière Hill for the best view of Lyon and to visit the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière.

Flying out from Paris? The train will get you there in just under 2 hours.

What Pass should I get for one month in Europe?

The ideal rail Pass for one month in Europe is the Eurail Global Pass, starting from € 211. With this Eurail Pass, you can travel in up to 33 European countries. 

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Start planning your trip with the Eurail timetable. You can use it to find the departure and arrival times of European trains. You can also check if your trains require an advance reservation.