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Top 10 affordable cities in Europe

Don't let your travels be limited by what's in your bank account! Take a Eurail trip to some of Europe's most affordable cities and you'll explore more while spending less. Europe has loads of awesome places that are kind to your wallet. Here's the top 10!


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Cities visited in this trip:  

1. Warsaw, Poland

Image of traditional rooftops of buildings in the Warsaw skyline with a hazy yellow sky

Average daily cost on a budget: $56.77

Affordable things to do in Warsaw

The Warsaw Rising Museum has free admission on Sundays. On hot summer days, cool off at any of the 3 lovely beaches on the Vistula River, which can also be crossed using a free ferry.

Go from Warsaw to popular affordable cities

From Warsaw you can reach Western Europe's most budget-friendly capital city, Berlin, in under 6 hours. A train ride from Warsaw to Kraków takes 2.5 hours.

2. Kraków, Poland

Image of a spacious square in Krakow with yellow buildings and a blue sky

Average daily cost on a budget: $47.19

Affordable things to do in Kraków

Not only a place to pick up bargains, Kraków's market square "Plac Nowy" is full of affordable, bohemian cafés and bars. From May to September, Kraków Nights Festival (Krakowskie Noce) puts on a free concert every month.

Go from Kraków to other affordable cities

The Kraków to Warsaw train route takes 2.5 hours. To Wrocław it's a 3.5 hours train ride.

3. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Average daily cost on a budget: $75.96

Affordable things to do in Český Krumlov

You can walk around the city's most popular attraction, its enchanting castle complex, for free. Many hostels and tours have free drink offers, not that you need them - the food and drink in Český Krumlov is satisfyingly cheap!

Go from Český Krumlov to popular affordable cities

Both Prague and Pilsen are just over 3 hours away by train. You'll need to change trains once, at Ceske Budejovice.

4. Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava skyline, Slovakia

Average daily cost on a budget: $61.33

Affordable things to do in Bratislava

Visit the Slovakian National Museum and Transport Museum for free, on every 1st Sunday of the month. In summer, check out free movie screenings at Bratislava's beach. You'll only need to buy the drinks and snacks!

Go from Bratislava to popular affordable cities

Jump on a regional train at Bratislava Hlavna Stanica to Wien HBF (reservations are not required). You'll get to Vienna in just 1 hour 5 minutes!

5. Budapest, Hungary

Cheapest cities in Europe | Budapest, Hungary

Average daily cost on a budget: $47.19

Affordable things to do in Budapest

Make the 1km walk up Castle Hill. The views from the top and along the charming Fisherman’s Bastion are priceless! Also atop Castle Hill, you can pay a small fee to enter the National Gallery, library and History Museum.

Go from Budapest to popular affordable cities

Take a train to Zagreb (Croatia) in under 6 hours or Bratislava (Slovakia) in just 2 hours 45 minutes.

6. Zagreb, Croatia

Dolac Market, Zagreb

Average daily cost on a budget: $55.79

Affordable things to do in Zagreb

Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships, which is hilarious and tragic at the same time. Afterwards, get your daily shot of fresh fruit at nearby Dolac Market - look for the sea of red umbrellas.

Go from Zagreb to popular affordable cities

You can travel by direct train to both Split in the south of Croatia and Budapest in Hungary. Either journey will take you around 6 hours.

7. Belgrade, Serbia

Image of the ruins of Belgrade fortress surrounded by green trees and fields

Average daily cost on a budget: $50.60

Affordable things to do in Belgrade

Belgrade's 18th century fortress is free to enter and walk around. You'll often find live entertainment and street music on Skadarlija street in Belgrade's Bohemian quarter.

Go from Belgrade to popular affordable cities

In under 8 hours, you can travel by direct train to Budapest (Hungary) or by night train to Zagreb (Croatia).

8. Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Cheapest cities in Europe | Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Average daily cost on a budget: $49.56

Affordable things to do in Sarajevo

Taking a stroll around the Old Bazaar (Baščaršija) is a must. The city's delightful churches and mosques are free to enter - time your visit outside of prayer times.

Go from Sarajevo to popular affordable cities

From Sarajevo you'll reach Mostar by train in under 3 hours - it's famous bridge is free to visit. To Zagreb (Croatia), the journey is 9.5 hours.

9. Sofia, Bulgaria

Image of impressive buildings and colourful pavements in Sofia, Bulgaria

Average daily cost on a budget: $39.60

Affordable things to do in Sofia

Sofia's Art Gallery is free to enter. Catch the changing of the guard in front of the President's Office. Thirsty? Get free hot mineral water from the Banya Bashi springs!

Go from Sofia to other affordable cities

There's a daily train from Sofia that will get you to Bucharest (Romania) in 9.5 hours. By direct train, you can reach the cheap Bulgarian coastal town Burgas in 8 hours.

10. Bucharest, Romania

Cheapest cities in Europe | Bucharest, Romania

Average daily cost on a budget: $41.97

Affordable things to do in Bucharest

Art lovers and photographers should check out the amazing graffiti at Garajul Ciclop. The city's gigantic Palace of the Parliament has an entry fee but is equally impressive to gaze upon from outside.

Go from Bucharest to popular affordable cities

Brasov is a 2.5 hours train ride away. A direct train from Bucharest takes you to Sofia (Bulgaria) in 9.5 hours.

How to travel on a budget

We chose these bargain cities based on Price of Travel's Europe Backpacker Index. It calculates costs based on the best budget sleeping, sightseeing, eating, drinking and public transport options available in each city.


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Flexible travel in Europe

With a Eurail Global Pass you can travel between all these affordable destinations, even at the last minute. If one place doesn't take your fancy, our unique Pass makes it easy to go somewhere else without spending more cash.


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