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High-Speed Trains

Take high-speed trains to travel through Europe in style and cover large distances quickly while enjoying a bite to eat in a dining car or in your comfortable seat.


Many European high-speed trains are included in the Eurail passes, but the reservations for these trains are not included in your Pass. Reservations for high-speed trains are often mandatory and need to be booked in advance. Your reservation will guarantee you a seat. You can book your seat for most high-speeds trains up to 3 months in advance.




Don't forget your seat reservations!

Some trains in Europe require a seat reservation, most commonly in France, Italy, and Spain. Reservation fees are charged by the railway carriers, and are not included in your Eurail Pass. Read all about reservations 



  • spain-alfa-pendular-high-speed-train
    Alfa Pendular High Speed Train The Portuguese Alfa Pendular train connects all of the major cities in Portugal. Read about routes, reservations, facilities and services.
  • avant_image
    Avant High-Speed Train The Avant is a high-speed long-distance train that connects the Spanish capital Madrid to the southern cities of Spain.
  • renfe-alvia-high-speed-train-spain
    Alvia High-Speed Train Alvia trains combine both a long distance and a high-speed service to connect major cities across Spain. Find out more!
  • spain-renfe-ave-high-speed-train
    AVE High-Speed Train The AVE is a modern high-speed train in Spain. Find out about routes, reservations, and more!
  • euromed_train
    Euromed high-speed train Euromed trains run along the east coast of Spain, traveling from Barcelona to Alicante. Read about routes, reservations, services, and more info!
  • eurostar train england
    Eurostar high-speed train Travel between London and the rest of Europe on the Eurostar high-speed train. Transport and convenience are covered with our affordable Eurail Pass!
  • ICE-trains-germany-in-station
    ICE High-Speed Trains The ICE (InterCity Express) is a high-speed train that connects all major cities in Germany. Find out more!
  • railjet-high-speed-train
    Railjet High-Speed Trains Railjet has modern and luxurious trains. It operates mainly in Austria, with international connections. Find out more!
  • SJ-high-speed-train
    SJ High-speed Train SJ high-speed trains travel from Stockholm to other cities in Sweden, as well as to Copenhagen in Denmark. Find out more!
  • supercity-high-speed-train
    SuperCity high-speed train The SuperCity is the newest and fastest train service in the Czech Railways fleet. Read about routes, reservations, facilities, and services.
  • tgv-high-speed-train
    TGV high-speed train The TGV is a high-speed train that operates all over France and beyond. Read about routes, reservations, facilities, and services.
  • tgv-lyria-high-speed-train
    TGV Lyria high-speed train The TGV Lyria is an international high-speed train that connects France and Switzerland. Read about routes, reservations, facilities, and services.
  • thalys_high-speed_train_at_platform_cologne
    Thalys high-speed train The Thalys high-speed train connects 17 cities across Western Europe, like Amsterdam & Paris. Read about routes, reservations, facilities & services.
  • express_intercity_poland_train_image
    Express InterCity Premium Express InterCity Premium is the fastest train on the Polish network connecting many major cities of Poland. Find out more.

Reservations for high-speed trains

Reservations are mandatory for some of Europe's high-speed trains. Depending on the train, you can make these reservations online, by phone or through our reservation service. A reservation guarantees you a seat on the train, which is particularly useful if you are traveling with a group and want to sit together.

Read more about reservations

If you have a need for speed, or want to travel at night to save costs, we've got you covered.

Find out more about the many other train types in Europe.