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Hellas Express night train

The Hellas Express night train runs from Belgrade in Serbia to Thessaloniki in Greece. The full journey, via Skopje in Macedonia, will take you about 15.5 hours. The Hellas Express night train travels from June to September.

You can find the complete timetable of the Hellas Express on the website of the Serbian railway company, Srbija Voz. Use the Eurail timetable to find alternative trains and routes.


Timetable change 2019: it's not possible to make the entire journey by train at this time. The train leaves from Topcider station in Belgrade (Serbia) and goes to Gevgelija station (Macedonia). From Gevgelija you travel the last part by bus (approximately 2 hours) to Thessaloniki (Greece).

Hellas Express route

Map with Hellas Express route newest

The Hellas Express night train connects Belgrade to Skopje in Macedonia and Thessaloniki in Greece. After an absence of two years, this train is once again running and it's a treat for all adventure-minded travellers. If you have the time, make sure to explore Belgrade and Skopje before moving on. In Thessaloniki, you can take a train to Athens, the ancient and buzzing capital of Greece.


The Hellas Express (train number 334/335) runs on the following route:

Belgrade (Topcider station) - Thessaloniki

  • Via Niš and Skopje




Reservations for the Hellas Express are mandatory. Seats and sleeping accommodation are often still available on the day of departure. At the booking office in Belgrade’s central station you will find English speaking staff that can help you make your reservaton.

How to make reservations for the Hellas Express

You can reserve your seat or sleeping accommodation on the Hellas Express in the following way:

  • At the train station. Keep in mind that trains can become full during busy times.


Reservation fees

  • Seat: €3

  • 6-bed couchette: €8


Facilities and services

  • Luggage racks
  • Power sockets


Facilities may differ per train and route.


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