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Intercités de Nuit Night Train

Imagine dozing off in Paris as the sun sets behind the Eiffel Tower, and waking up surrounded by high mountains. With the Intercités de Nuit you can sleep your way from Paris to Toulouse and continue to Latour de Carol on the Spanish border. You can also travel to Briancon in the Alps, near the Italian border. Save the daytime for exploring and travel by night!

Intercités de Nuit routes

The Intercités de Nuit is a comfortable night train, connecting Paris with the rest of France.


The Intercités de Nuit runs on the following routes:

(A map can be found here: Carte IC 2024 version Finale (

  • Paris – Toulouse (Daily)
  • Paris – Foix – Latour de Carol (Daily)
  • Paris – Nîmes – Montpellier – Perpignan – Cerbere (Only daily in the summer)
  • Paris – Bayonne – Pau – Lourdes – Tarbes (Daily)
  • Paris – Rodez – Albi (Not daily)
  • Paris – Aurillac (Not daily)
  • Paris – Marseille – Toulon – Cannes – Nice (Daily)
  • Paris – Briançon (Not daily)


Use the Intercités de Nuit as an alternative route to Spain


Both the night trains to Latour de Carol and Cerbère are good alternatives for the busy TGV route to Barcelona. The night train to Bayonne is a good alternative to reach San Sebastian and Bilbao via Hendaye.

  • Search for Paris to Latour de Carol in our timetable and find the local train to Barcelona on the Rodalies website (‘La Tor de Querol-Enveitg’).
  • Search for Paris to Cerbere and Cerbere to Barcelona in separate enquiries in our timetable.  This train only runs daily during summer season.
  • Search for Paris to Hendaye in our timetable and find the local trains to San Sebastian and Bilbao on Euskotren* to Spain. RENFE trains to San Sebastian and Madrid depart from Irun, which is a 30 minute walk across the border or a 4 minute train ride by Euskotren.*


*Euskotren is not part of the Eurail network. Buy your tickets locally in Hendaye from vending machines or at the ticket desk.




Reservations on the Intercités de Nuit night trains are mandatory. Please keep in mind that seats and sleeping accommodation on this train are limited for pass holders. To ensure you have a place on the Intercités de Nuit, make your reservation as early as possible. Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance.

How to make reservations for the Intercités de Nuit

You can reserve your seat or sleeping accommodation on the Intercités de Nuit in the following ways:


Eurail reservation self-service system

Administration costs when booking through Eurail self-service system

  • € 2,- p.p. per train
  • Additional € 9,-  per order (for paper tickets)

With railway carrier

Other platforms

By calling SNCF

  • +33 1 84 94 3635
  • Select #85 for English
  • You can book both domestic and international reservations

Reservation fees

  • Reclining seat: € 11 
  • 6-bed couchette: From € 21* (2nd class) 
  • 4-bed sleeper couchette: from € 21* (1st class)

* The price varies per travel season


Facilities and services

  • Air conditioning
  • Luggage racks
  • Power sockets
  • Tourist information
  • Vending machines


Facilities may differ per train and route.

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