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ÖBB Nightjet

ÖBB Nightjet trains are operated by the Austrian railways (ÖBB) and offer one of the most extensive overnight networks throughout Europe. Sleep your way from city to city with ÖBB Nightjet and save the daytime for sightseeing. Travel to famous cities like Vienna, Munich, Rome and Berlin and arrive there well rested, with a whole day of exploring ahead of you!

ÖBB Nightjet routes

Map with routes of ÖBB Nightjet

With so many routes to choose from, the ÖBB Nightjet is a great way to travel to destinations in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Czechia, and Switzerland. It has accommodation options to suit everyone, and takes you to Europe's greatest cities while you sleep. 


This map only shows a selection of the routes operated by ÖBB. Check the list below, or the website of ÖBB Nightjet, or a map by the ÖBB, for a full overview.


ÖBB Nightjet routes


ÖBB Nightjet trains run on the following routes:

  • Vienna - Villach - Bologna - Florence - Rome (train number NJ 40233/40294) Does not run 12/06-08/09
  • Vienna - Villach - Bologna - Rimini - Ancona (train number NJ 40233/40294) runs 12/06-08/09
  • Vienna - Villach - Padova - Verona - Milan - Genoa - La Spezia (train number NJ 233/235)
  • Vienna - Linz - Salzburg - Villach - Udine - Venice (train number NJ 236/237)
  • Vienna - Arlberg - Feldkirch - Bregenz (train number NJ 446/447)
  • Vienna - Linz - Buchs - Zurich (train number NJ 466/467)
  • Vienna - Linz - Passau - Hannover - Hamburg (train number NJ 490/491)
  • Graz - Vienna - Wroclaw - Berlin (train number NJ 456/457)
  • Vienna - Linz - Frankfurt - Düsseldorf - Utrecht - Amsterdam (train number NJ 40421/40490)
  • Vienna - Linz - Salzburg - Munich - Strasbourg - Paris Gare de l'Est (train number NJ 468/469)
  • Zurich - Feldkirch - Leoben - Graz (train number NJ 464/465)
  • Zurich - Basel - Freiburg - Hannover - Hamburg (train number NJ 401/40470)*
  • Zurich - Basel - Freiburg - Magdeburg - Berlin (train number NJ 470/471)***
  • Zurich - Basel - Frankfurt - Düsseldorf - Utrecht - Amsterdam (train number NJ 402/403)**
  • Innsbruck - Munich - Hannover - Hamburg (train number NJ 40420/40491)
  • Innsbruck - Munich - Cologne - Hamburg (train number NJ 420/425)
  • Innsbruck - Munich - Frankfurt - Düsseldorf - Utrecht - Amsterdam (train number NJ 420/421)
  • Munich - Salzburg - Villach - Bologna - Florence - Rome (train number NJ 294/295) Does not run 12/06-08/09
  • Munich - Salzburg - Villach - Bologna - Rimini - Ancona (train number NJ 40233/40294) runs 12/06-08/09
  • Munich - Salzburg - Padova - Verona - Milan - Genoa - La Spezia (train number NJ 40235/40295)
  • Stuttgart - Munich - Salzburg - Villach - Udine - Venice (train number NJ 40236/40463)


* The route Zurich - Hamburg has a seating carriage run by Deutsche Bahn, under Night IC number 60400/60401. For this carriage, reservations are not mandatory.

** The route Zurich - Amsterdam has a seating carriage run by Deutsche Bahn, under Night IC number 60402/60403. For this carriage, reservations are not mandatory.

*** The route Zurich - Berlin has a seating carriage run by Deutsche Bahn, under Night IC number IC 60470/60471. For this carriage, reservations are not mandatory.

More information about reservations for DB seating carriages below.


Please note that some trains run only on specific days a week and/or only in a specific period of the year (for example, only in summer). Check the ÖBB Nightjet website for this information. Follow the steps described below:

  • Click the hyperlink in the text above, this will bring you to the ÖBB website.
  • On this page, click the destination you want to travel to by ÖBB Nightjet.
  • Locate the 'journey planner' on the page. Fill in the country where you will be departing from.
  • You'll get a list of trains that leave from your country of origin to your next destination.
  • Click the train to see more information
  • Under the list with stops, you'll find timetable information specifying what days of the week (and what period of the year) the train runs.
EuroNight routes (by ÖBB and partners)
  • Vienna - Linz - Buchs - Zurich (train number EN 40462/40467)
  • Vienna - Krakow - Warsaw (train number EN 40456/407)
  • Zurich - Feldkirch - Prague (train number EN 50466/50467)
  • Zurich - Villach - Zagreb (train number EN 40465/40414)
  • Zurich - Frankfurt - Leipzig - Prague (train number EN 40459/40458)*
  • Budapest - Vienna - Zurich  (train number EN 40462/40467)
  • Budapest - Vienna - Stuttgart (train number EN 462/463)
  • Budapest - Bratislava - Berlin (train number EN 40476/40457)
  • Stuttgart - Ljubljana - Rijeka (train number EN 60463/480)
  • Stuttgart - Ljubljana - Zagreb (train number EN 50463/498)
  • Berlin - Hamburg - Stockholm (train number EN 346/345)
  • Bratislava - Vienna - Graz - Maribor - Split (train number EN 1153/1152)


* The route Zurich - Prague has a seating carriage run by Deutsche Bahn, under EC number 459/458. For this carriage, reservations are not mandatory.

You can find more information on these connections at




Reservations on the ÖBB Nightjet trains are compulsory. We recommend you make your reservations as far in advance as possible, especially for travel in the high season (May - September). In general, you can start making reservations for Nightjet trains (with 'NJ' train number) up to 6 months in advance. For EuroNight trains (with 'EN' train number) this is up to 2 months in advance.

How to make reservations for the ÖBB Nightjet

You can reserve your sleeping accommodation on the ÖBB Nightjet in the following ways:


How to make a reservation for Nightjet night trains through the ÖBB website

1. Go to the website of ÖBB and go to 'book a ticket' (or click the hyperlink above)

2. Choose your route and click 'single tickets/day tickets' in the results

3. Before you pick your train, go to the top right corner and click on 'who is going?'. Here you click on 'add discount' and scroll down or search for 'Interrail/Eurail - Globalpass', then select it and click confirm.

4. Now you can select the train you want to take and you'll immediately see the Pass Holder reservation fee you have to pay.

5. Go through the booking process and finalize your reservation.  


For ÖBB Nightjet trains with a seating carriage run by Deutsche Bahn on the routes Zürich - Hamburg and Zürich - Berlin, seat reservations are not mandatory. You can purchase your reservations via the DB website (€3), the ÖBB website (€4), or via our Reservation Service (€6).


Facilities and services

  • Air conditioning
  • Disabled facilities
  • Power sockets
  • Snacks and drinks included

Facilities may differ per train and route.

Operated by:


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