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Snälltåget night train

Snälltaget has different domestic and international night train routes available for passholders.


The international route takes you from Stockholm, via Malmö and Copenhagen (Ørestad), to Hamburg and Berlin. On selected dates, this train also continues to Dresden.


During winter sports season, the Snälltåget night train from Malmö and Stockholm to Östersund, Åre, and Storlienis a great way to travel over 1200km through the Swedish countryside. You can relax in the comfort of your cabin as you travel north, and when you awake the next morning you will be in the mountains, ready to hit the slopes at the popular Åre ski resort, for instance. This train has a restaurant serving hot and cold food, and drinks. A sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow are also provided - so you don’t have to worry about a thing - just relax and enjoy the journey.


Snälltåget night train routes

Map with Veolia night train route


Seasonal snälltåget night train in Sweden

Malmö – Stockholm – Östersund – Åre – Storlien


The seasonal trains depart from Malmö via Stockholm on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the return journey departs on Thursdays and Sundays from Åre. The timetable can vary as they are scheduled according to the ski season and are scheduled for days when visitors arrive at or leave the ski resorts in Åre: for the most up-to-date timetable information check the Snälltåget website.


International Snälltåget night train

(Dresden –) Berlin – Hamburg – Copenhagen Ørestad – Malmö – Stockholm


The Snälltåget Stockholm – Berlin night train travels from Stockholm, Sweden to Berlin, Germany via Denmark (and vice versa). Certain trains go further than Berlin and travel to or from Dresden (Germany) on limited departure dates. The full departure schedule and route overview, please refer to the Snälltåget website. Please note that you can only travel on this train with a Global Pass, as your Pass needs to be valid in all the countries you're travelling through.


Snälltåget trains usually do not run every day. Check the website of Snälltåget for the exact dates.




Reservations on the Snälltåget night trains are compulsory. We recommend you make your reservations as far in advance as possible to guarantee your seat on the train. For this night train, you can book your reservations up to 6 months in advance.

Please note that these trains do not run every day. Check the timetable on the Snälltåget website for trains to Germany and the Swedish mountains for all departure dates. If you book this train on the day of its departure, you can only do so until 17:00.


How to make reservations for Snälltåget night trains  

You can reserve your seat or sleeping accommodation on the Snälltåget night trains in the following ways:


Reservation fees

  • Seat (2nd class): €4.50 (49 SEK)
  • Seat (1st class): €18 (199 SEK)
  • Berth in a shared compartment: €44 / 53* (499 SEK / 599 SEK)
  • Private compartment: €103 / €216 * (1170 SEK / 2449 SEK)
    • Only available on international routes to Germany


* the higher prices are for departures between 1 June – 31 August 2024


Additional travel information

For the private compartment, sheets, blankets, and pillows are provided and included in the price. Travelling on the international night train is only possible if your Interrail Pass is valid in both Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.


For the on-board restaurant Krogen on the international night train, it's mandatory to make a reservation between Stockholm and Malmö. After booking your reservation you'll receive more information about this. There is also a little shop where you can buy some drinks and snacks.



Facilities and services

  • Air conditioning
  • Disabled facilities
  • Power sockets
  • Restaurant/bistro
  • WiFi internet

Facilities may differ per train and route.

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