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Differences between 1st and 2nd class

Travel in style with Eurail

First class rail travel is irresistible. There's nothing like watching the beautiful and ever-changing European scenery pass by from a quiet and comfortable train compartment, with the comforting sound of rail cars gliding smoothly over the rail tracks.


You can choose to travel with a first class Pass for optimal comfort, or with a budget-friendly second class Pass. A first class Pass gives you access to both first and second class compartments on every train. 

Common features of 1st vs 2nd class

  • Individually adjustable seats

  • More room between the seats sideways

  • More legroom

  • Extra wide tables

  • Electric outlet per seat

  • Cabin service: menus are served at your seat

  • Wifi

  • Modern seats in open cars

  • Compartments (6 seats)

  • Generous luggage racks / luggage compartments

  • Multifunctional tables

  • One electric outlet per double seat

  • Restaurant and bistro car

  • Wi-Fi (Some cars)


Differences between 1st & 2nd class | The mood comparison

The decision will not only depend on your budget but also on the travel experience you are looking for. In general, first class offers serenity and quietness, whereas second class offers more of a community travel experience.

The perks

Differences between 1st & 2nd class | Lounge

Traveling first class usually means spacious, comfortable seats, amenities such as USB-ports, free Wi-Fi and – in some cases – complimentary drinks and meals. Sometimes the perks of traveling first class even start before boarding the train, with access to lounges and priority check-in.

It depends

Differences between 1st & 2nd class | People getting onboard

However, how luxurious the first class experience will be, differs per country and train company. In some countries first class simply means you have a better chance of finding a seat, whereas in other countries it means you’ll feel like royalty. 



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Purchased a Eurail First class pass and used it for 10 trips within Germany, Austria and Czech republic. Highly recommended way of travelling. very easy to use. Would definitely travel this way again

TrustPilot from GCM, United States 

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