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Easter in Europe


Easter is celebrated across Europe in the springtime, but each country does it differently. Whether it's feasting on chocolates, going on an egg hunt, or taking a hike, everyone takes a break and enjoys the better weather. Experience Easter for yourself with a Eurail trip to 3 of Europe's top spring destinations.

Easter in Italy

1 week in Italy | Sunset view of Ponte Vecchio over Arno River in Florence, Italy

Easter, called Pasqua in Italian, is a big deal. Expect lots of religious events, and (of course) a ton of good food.

  • Get a glimpse of the Pope at St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City.

  • Sample special Easter breads from local Italian bakeries.

  • Enjoy fireworks at Florence’s Scoppio del Carro event.


Easter in France

Girl on train in Paris

Enjoy French cuisine and explore captivating landmarks. There’s something for everyone when it’s Easter in France.


  • Hear the bells ring at incredible cathedrals all across France.

  • Feast on chocolates and brunch made especially for Easter.

  • Join an egg-citing Easter egg hunt at Disneyland Paris.

Easter in the Benelux

Amsterdam sm

Make the most of spring scenery and visit elegant cities in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.


  • Get your fill of Belgian chocolate from Brussels’ chocolate shops.

  • Explore colorful tulip fields in the Netherlands.

  • Witness the many Easter folk traditions of Luxembourg.


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