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Solo or group travel?

Which is better for the perfect vacation?

July 30th is the International Day of Friendship, and to honor it we're asking an age-old question: is it better to travel with friends or on your own?

Travel with friends




A little unsure about traveling with others? Here are some of the perks of a group getaway.


  • You have someone to share all your amazing Eurail experiences with.
  • In a group, you always have someone watching out for you – and your bag.
  • Traveling with friends means you have a better chance of scoring a group discount.
  • You always have someone to help you capture that perfect travel photo.

Solo Travel

solo-female-travel 2 (1)



Are you more of an 'I am my own best friend' kind of person? Solo travel has its perks too.


  • You gain independence and sense of self. No matter what happens, you can handle it.
  • You choose exactly where you want to go and which sites you want to see.
  • You set your own pace. If you want to get up to see the sun rise or spend all day in a café, its all up to you.
  • You have the chance to meet interesting new people and see things from new perspectives.

The Best Cities to Meet People



There are tons of places in Europe to add to your itinerary that are known for a welcoming atmosphere as well as stunning sights.


Get inspired for your trip with our list of the top 8 friendliest cities in Europe – you might just add a few new people to your squad!

Top spots for solo travelers

florence dumo

Florence, Italy


The Tuscan capital of Florence is  perfect for exploring solo. Make friends with the Renaissance masters whose work fills the historic city while enjoying delicious Italian food.


Munich, Germany


With its easy to navigate metro system, many museums, and famous breweries and beer halls, it's easy for solo travelers to relax in the friendly Bavarian city of Munich.

fisherman's bastian

Budapest, Hungary


Two cities in one, Buda and Pest offer so much to see on both sides of the Danube. Visit beautiful castles and public spas or make friends while enjoying the vibrant nightlife.

5 Tips for traveling with friends




No one wants to talk about money especially when it comes to going on vacation. 


But talking with your friends and knowing what each of you can spend before you go will save you a lot of headaches during your travels.



sharing fries



Sharing can mean a lot of things; sharing the bill, sharing responsibility for planning or watching the bags and sharing that can of dry shampoo.


The great thing about having a friend with you is you don’t have to worry about every single little detail on your own.



trip planning



Half the fun of a Eurail Pass is its flexibility. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan for where you are going.


Especially in a group of friends, its best to have some idea of the cities you all want to visit or how long you visit them for before you head to Europe.






As close as you and your friends might be, you may not have the exact same idea of what you want to see on your vacation.


You are going to have to work together to come up with an itinerary that fits the whole group, not just you.



barcelona look up

Split up


Even the best of friends might get tired of each other after a full week of traveling together – or a single 8 hour train ride. 


Try to plan some solo time so that when you reuinte, you'll be refreshed and excited for the next leg of your journey together.