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Unmissable experiences in Europe

Whether you're planning a graduation trip to Europe on a budget or going all-out on a European adventure, we've got plenty of tips on how to experience the best parts of the coolest cities, just like the locals do. 


Explore like a local



Ever tried petiscos? Want to see where Hans Christian Andersen lived? See incredible cities through the eyes of a local with our favorite free walking tours. It’s the perfect way to discover Europe’s coolest cities.


Explore our top picks from 2019



Which cities are at the top of your travel wishlist for 2019? Get some inspiration with our pick of last summer’s must-see destinations across Europe, complete with insider tips from our travel-obsessed team. 

Typical European activities to try this summer


Sauna in Finland


Finns take their saunas very seriously. They’re such an integral part of Finnish life, that most households have their own. Visitors to the country can sweat it out in a public sauna and see what all the fuss is about.


Cycling in the Netherlands


The flat landscape of the Netherlands is best explored on two wheels. Rent a bike in any major Dutch city and join the many cyclists in circulation. It’s the cleanest, quickest, and most enjoyable way to get around.


Flâner in France


Sauntering around observing society is something the French have down to an art form. There are even books on the subject. You can be a flâneur too just by losing yourself in a city’s back streets.


Skinny-dipping in Sweden


Head to Sweden in mid-summer and you might just be tempted to take an early-morning skinny-dip. In Stockholm, it’s a perfectly acceptable way to wind down after a night of partying!


Flamenco in Spain


It may have developed touristy connotations over time, but Flamenco is still an important part of Andalusian culture. Sit back and watch a show with a glass of local wine or find a venue that’ll let you join in!


Opera in Austria


The Vienna State Opera is one of the most famous opera houses, but there are plenty more throughout Austria. Many cities hold opera festivals, including one that runs for a whole month on the lake at Bregenz.


Thermal bath in Hungary


It might not be the hippest activity, but few things are more relaxing after a day of sightseeing than a soak in the thermal baths of a Budapest spa. You might even spot some regulars playing chess in the water.