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A message from our General Manager

A message from Carlo Boselli, General Manager of Eurail


During these unprecedented times, I wanted to connect and share with you what Eurail is doing to care for and support our travel community.


For more than 60 years, Eurail has provided a unique mobility solution in Europe, with one Pass used by millions of people. This product has enabled travelers to experience Europe in all its diversity and richness, by creating connections which leave lasting impressions. We understand now, more than ever, that health is more important than travel. Our number one priority is the safety and peace of mind of our customers and employees, and that includes supporting all travelers who are using a Eurail or Interrail Pass or are planning to travel with one of our Passes in the near future.


At Eurail, one of our core values is Caring. It is a value we see reflected in the efforts worldwide as we all focus on caring for friends, families, and local communities. We care a great deal for our people and have asked employees at our corporate office to work from home in an effort to safeguard their wellbeing.


We care deeply for our customers and understand that now can be a confusing and anxious time for those already traveling or planning to travel soon. In light of this, we have expanded our exchange and refund policy to offer greater flexibility in changing your plans.


As keen travelers ourselves, the current situation gives us the opportunity to collectively reflect on the way we travel. I hope that we will gain an enhanced willingness to ensure a positive, caring impact on communities in Europe. As global citizens, we should all consider supporting the sustainability of our natural and cultural resources so they may continue to be of benefit to us all.


We have trust that government authorities as well as the health and science communities will find solutions to the events unfolding around the world. In the meantime, we at Eurail stand ready to support where we can. 


Warm regards,


Carlo Boselli

General Manager Eurail