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Eurail celebrates a record year, setting stage for a promising 2024


Utrecht, the Netherlands, 20 February 2024


Eurail celebrates a record year, setting stage for a promising 2024


After a record-breaking 2023, Eurail is set to continue providing travelers with unforgettable experiences on the rails in 2024 by kicking off the travel season with a 15% discount on Eurail Passes.


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Eurail Celebrates 10 Years of Island Hopping with the Greek Islands Pass


Utrecht, the Netherlands, 29 January 2024


Eurail Celebrates 10 Years of Island Hopping with the Greek Islands Pass


Eurail proudly marks the 10-year anniversary of the Greek Islands Pass, a unique collaboration between Eurail and Attica Group. Beginning as a One Country Pass dedicated to travel between the Greek islands, this Pass reflects a decade of flexible and unforgettable island-hopping experiences in the idyllic Greek archipelago.


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Journeys that make a difference

Utrecht, the Netherlands, 16 November 2023


Rail journeys that make a difference


Travelling has the potential to change hearts and minds, shape perspectives and create long-lasting impressions. Eurail believes that the benefits of travel should go both ways, positively impacting both the traveller and their destinations. 


As an alternative to Black Friday, Eurail’s Save and Donate campaign aims to encourage travellers to slow down, savour their journeys and build meaningful connections with people, places, and communities.


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Go green this holiday season - 10% off Interrail Passes

Utrecht, the Netherlands, 23 November 2021


Go Green this Black Friday and holiday season with Eurail


Turn your travel plans into a green adventure and discover lesser-known destinations in Europe with Eurail. Feel good about using the most eco-friendly travel option to uncover hidden corners of Europe. Connect with local people and support sustainable tourism by giving back to the places you visit. Eurail Passes are now on sale at 10% discount until January 3rd.* 


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Future proof organisation

Utrecht, the Netherlands, 9 November 2021


Eurail on track towards future proof organisation

New governance and appointment of  new carrier representatives  addresses changing market landscape


Eurail, the company behind the Eurail and Interrail Passes, launched a new governance structure and appointed new railway representatives. With this move, Eurail wants to accelerate its time to market for product innovation. Additionally, it aims to operate in a more agile way to address customer needs, including easier booking and ticketing solutions for international rail travel. Most importantly, Eurail desires for closer connections with its shareholders, the railway carriers, to benefit from their vast industry expertise and to allow a railway community-driven strategy.


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New distribution platform

Utrecht, the Netherlands, 8 October 2021


Eurail Unveils New Distribution Platform Providing Travel Partners with Convenient Rail Ticketing Options


Eurail, the train Pass that allows rail travel throughout 33 European countries with a single Pass, has unveiled a new distribution platform providing OTAs and travel companies with the ability to more easily sell Eurail Passes. With a hassle-free API connection, distributors can seamlessly integrate, sell and issue Passes online as well as offline sales with the Eurail Ticketing System (ETS). Now, travel companies of all sizes can expand their product offerings, providing railway Passes as an added option for their customers.  


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Next stop: a new Eurail travel community

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 14 June 2021


Next stop: a new Eurail travel community


Not sure if and where to travel this summer? Or just eager to spark the curiosity of other travellers with your Eurail or Interrail Pass travel experience? Eurail’s new community platform brings train travel enthusiasts together to inspire and help each other. The new platform allows for meaningful conversations and building genuine connections with fellow travellers, plus new features, such as ranks and badges for top contributors. The new community space is moderated by Eurail staff to guarantee that exchanged travel information is accurate. 


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All Aboard jumps on the train with Eurail

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 8 June 2021


All Aboard jumps on the train with Eurail

Start-up platform now sells Interrail Passes for European travellers 


All Aboard, a start-up train travel agency from Sweden, teamed-up with Eurail as official Interrail Pass sales distributor. Both companies shared passion for train travel and see a strong potential in promoting long-distance travel by rail as a sustainable alternative for air travel. The Interrail Passes are now available from All Aboard’s online platform to travellers from Europe. 


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Eurail art contest sparks creativity for travelers worldwide

Utrecht, 26 April 2021


Eurail art contest sparks creativity for travelers worldwide


While travel options are currently limited, Eurail and Interrail fans from all over the world shared more than 600 pieces of artwork inspired by their past rail trips through Europe. The contest, held in February and March, was launched by Eurail  to inspire their community for future travel and keep their travel dreams alive. 


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Next stop: Binge-watch Europe and press play on travel this summer

Utrecht, 4 March 2021


Next stop: Binge-watch Europe and press play on travel this summer


Seen everything on TV? Ready to binge-watch an ever-changing medley of European landscapes? Eurail and Interrail Passes are on sale, so you can swap your TV for a real-life adventure this summer. It's the perfect season to reclaim your freedom and experience an ever-changing medley of European landscapes. And if your Summer plans change, no need to worry - with a Eurail or Interrail mobile Pass, you can save 20% now and press play on travel up to 11 months later. Whenever you go, Europe will wait for you.


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ETC and Eurail launch award for best rail tourism campaigns

Utrecht, 26 January 2021


ETC and Eurail launch award for best rail tourism campaigns


The European Travel Commission (ETC) and Eurail have today launched an eciting joint award competition for the Best European Rail Tourism Campaign 2021 as part of the '2021 European Year of Rail (EYR), which kicked off on 1 January 2021. The award will be given to the marketing campaigns this year that best promote rail travel as a sustainable tourism model throughout the EU.


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Eurail End-of-Year Sale: high discounts on flexible rail travel in 2021


Utrecht, 30 November 2020


20% off on Eurail rail Passes for travel in 2021 during end-of-year sale


This holiday season, Eurail, the company behind the Eurail and Interrail train Passes, gives travellers something to look forward to in 2021. Eurail train Passes are on sale with a 20% discount during the end-of-year sale*. There’s no rush to travel as the rail Passes can be used within 11 months after purchase for travel in up to 33 countries in Europe. 


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Now at your fingertips, the new Eurail and Interrail Mobile Pass


Utrecht, 22 September, 2020


As per today, the Eurail and Interrail Global Passes are available as a mobile Pass offering an easier, paperless and more flexible travel experience. With everything on one app, from planning a trip to boarding the train. The traditional paper Pass and travel diary for a Eurail or Interrail trip is no longer needed. Travellers can explore 33 European countries with ease and enjoy more freedom than ever before. 


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Mobile version of Eurail and Interrail Italy Pass now available


Utrecht, 21 July 2020


After a successful pilot in June, the new “Mobile Italy Pass” is now available via the Eurail and Interrail webshops. Trenitalia is the first of the participating carriers in the Eurail and Interrail scheme whose rail services will be available via a new digital solution – the first, all-in-one mobile pass that travelers can conveniently access via the dedicated Rail Planner App


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Utrecht, 16 June, 2020


According to a recent online survey* carried out by Eurail to better understand what the impact of Covid-19 is on people’s future travel plans, about 1/3 of the respondents who had planned a holiday this year consider sticking to their plans. 


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''We will weather the storm''



Utrecht, April 9, 2020


An update from Carlo Boselli, our General Manager, regarding all that Eurail is doing for its customers during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, as well as some positive signs for the future.


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A message from our General Manager



Utrecht, March 19, 2020


A message from Carlo Boselli, our General Manager, regarding the latest
developments of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Europe.


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Brexit will not affect the Eurail Pass


You can still travel with a Eurail Pass in the UK -  this won't change as a result of the Brexit. There are also no restrictions for travel in 2020 between the UK and the European mainland.


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Eurail raises over $400,000 in charity campaign for Make-A-Wish® and Doctors Without Borders


Utrecht, October 23, 2019


Eurail, the company behind Eurail train passes, raised over $400,000 in their first campaign for Make-A-Wish® and Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Eurail announced partnerships with both charities in June followed by a four-week sales campaign.


Eurail raises over $400,000 in charity campaign

Eurail Group GIE and join forces and continue activities as Eurail B.V.


Utrecht, October 16, 2019


Eurail Group GIE, the organisation dedicated to the management of the Eurail and Interrail products, and, the official online sales channel of the Eurail and Interrail Passes have joined forces per August 2019. 


Eurail Group GIE and join forces partners with Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet and Eurail have teamed up in a new partnership to offer Eurail and Interrail customers a 20% discount on the world-renowned Lonely Planet Guide Books as well as the newly-released Amazing Train Journeys. Eurail hopes this partnership will make the whole railway experience even easier and more meaningful. partners with Lonely Planet



On the occasion of the 2018 EU-China Tourism Year, Eurail has partnered with National Geographic and Travelport to create a diverse selection of unique cultural heritage rail itineraries to inspire the Chinese travellers and engage them in experiential, cultural travel. 


Eurail to inspire Chinese travelers with unique UNESCO World Heritage rail itineraries



Utrecht/Berlin, July 12, 2018


SANDEMANs NEW Europe and Eurail have joined forces in a new partnership, offering Eurail Pass holders a 20% discount on the unique walking tours offered by SANDEMANs.


SANDEMANs and Eurail partner up to offer travelers a true local experience 



Utrecht, November 12 2017 


The Dutch company was part of yesterday’s live show organized by Alibaba to close off Double 11 (Singles Day). In the final ten minutes of the event, right before announcing the bargain...


Dutch touch at Alibaba’s Double 11 live show