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Planning a trip through Europe? The Eurail pass is your key to unlocking all of Europe's treasures – at your own pace. Comfy trains, world-famous sites and countless memories await you.

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Experience the best of Europe

Eurail is your key to discovering as many as 24 countries. Take a whistle-stop tour to Europe’s most famed cities – places like Paris, Rome and Berlin. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from venturing off and exploring some lesser-known but equally lovely towns along the way.

Comfortable travel

The hassle-free way to travel

Get around Europe with the most hassle-free and comfortable travel option: the train. No airport check-in to contend with or being confined to your seat. Choosing rail travel means you can enjoy every moment of your journey.

Breathtaking scenery

Enjoy breathtaking scenery

Heading off on a Eurail trip isn’t only about the places you visit. You’ll also be treated to diverse scenery as you travel from one destination to the next. How does this sound: chugging alongside the snow-capped Alps in Switzerland or gazing out at Tuscany’s rolling hills?

Arrive in the city center

Arrive in the heart of the city

Europe’s trains bring you where you want to be: right in the city center. Drop off your luggage at the hotel, and you're ready to explore a new culture, popular attractions and rich history. It couldn’t be easier.

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