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Which trains are included in the Pass?

You can use your Pass to travel on the national railways and some private railways in the countries where your Pass is valid. In some cases, these train networks reach airports as well. Check the full list here. The Pass even includes certain buses and ferries to make sure everything is within reach.


Some popular trains like the Eurostar, TGV, and AVE are included in the Eurail Pass, but require that you purchase a seat reservation.


Why can't I find my journey in the timetable?

Our timetable covers most popular routes in Europe, but is not 100% accurate as not all European railways choose to share their timetable data. There are a few things you can do if you can't find your journey:


Planning in advance? Check back closer to the time

If you get no results for your chosen journey, you might be checking too far ahead. We update the timetable every four days with the latest data from the railway companies, but it depends on when the data becomes available per country.


Can’t find your station? Try another spelling

Try searching again with the city or station's local spelling. If you still see no results, you can check missing train times by country below.


Can't find your train? Check direct with the railway company

Not all railway companies share their timetable data with us, so unfortunately results for the countries below might be missing or incomplete. Check timetables on the national railway company's website:


Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • ZBFH (Maglaj – Sarajevo – Mostar – Ploce)
  • ZRS (Doboj – Banja Luka – Novi Grad – Dobrljin)



  • Private operators are not included and not visible in our timetable


  • TCDD (only long distance trains are visible in our timetable)


The following countries were added to our timetable recently:

  • Lithuania
  • Estonia
  • Serbia
  • Turkey (only long distance trains)


For general information on trains in each country, see trains by country.

For information about which trains are included in the pass, see here.

How do I make seat reservations?

You can make seat reservations through the website for 95% of all European trains. To do this, you need a Eurail Pass and a account. You can also book many trains through our Rail Planner App.


Reservations for Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and the Benelux will be sent to you as e-tickets. You need to print these e-tickets and bring them with you on the train. For other countries, you'll receive your reservations as paper tickets through registered mail. 


Please check out other reservation options if you want to make reservations for domestic trains in Portugal, or any trains in Ireland, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, or Turkey.




Can I get a refund for a reservation?

Most reservations are non-refundable. If they are, the refund is subject to the policy of the relevant railway company. 


When you purchase a seat reservation through our website, the refund policy of the relevant railway company and country apply. You can find the applicable refund policies in our Exchange and Refund Conditions for Reservations. Please be aware that most reservation tickets are non-refundable, and no changes can be made after booking.


Requesting a refund


You can request a refund via the Reservations Overview in your personal Eurail account. You will find the option to request a refund at the bottom of the overview box for the reservation you have selcted. Our system will tell you if your train reservation is refundable. After you accept the refund conditions, you can go ahead and cancel the reservation. Make sure to file your request before departure of the train concerned. A cancelled Reservation Ticket can never be reinstated, and becomes invalid.

If you’ve got an electronic reservation ticket, the refund will be automatic once your cancellation is confirmed (you don’t need to send the ticket to our office in the Netherlands). ​

Want to return a paper reservation ticket? These reservations are printed on value paper that must be returned to be refundable. We’ll send you the return address once your cancellation is confirmed, and then you need to send the ticket back to our office (within one month of the departure date) for us to start processing the refund. You’re responsible for the cost of shipping, and if your paper ticket gets lost in the post – it’s best to use registered shipping. ​

We will transfer the refundable amount to your original payment method (for paper reservation tickets, you must return the physical ticket(s) first). The refund amount may vary per train type, and booking fees or shipping costs are never refunded.


In the case of a train cancellation, strike or other exceptional circumstance, please contact our Customer Service team for support.