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Why We Still Offer Paper Train Passes

It's strange, we admit. But there's an explanation.


It’s a commonly asked question: why does Eurail still offer paper train passes when modern technology offers E-ticketing (like the mobile pass), directly from your cell phone, laptop, or tablet?


Simply put: because it’s the old-school way to get you anywhere you want to go. All 33 countries that the Eurail Pass gives you access to have different systems for train ticketing; a paper pass can be easily used in all countries and across multiple train companies.

Eurail Pass: Paper Ticket Technology


The advantages of a paper rail pass

A. It's your all-in-one travel ticket and travel souvenir

B. You can hold, stroke, and sniff that brand new Pass Cover

C. No matter whether you're on Android or iOS, it's compatible with "rail technology" in 31 European countries

D. You never lose charge

E. It's retro! Same as when Eurail started back in 1959

How does it work?


Before going on your big adventure, you must activate your Eurail Pass. This can be done at a European train station, or online by using our activation service at checkout.

Your Eurail Pass consists of a ticket and a Pass Cover. Before boarding each train, bus, or boat, you'll need to record your trip in the "Travel Diary" on the Pass Cover.

Stay tuned


It goes without saying that Eurail is always working hard to meet the needs of travelers and the environment. We're challenging the railway companies to look into new technology. So stay tuned.


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