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Meet our popular Global Pass

Popular: 7 days in 1 month

7 days

✔ Travel to 6-8 destinations in 1 month

✔ No need to choose a start date until you travel

✔ Free, instant delivery – add it straight to the app

7 days of unlimited train travel

Travel on as many trains as you like from midnight to midnight on each of your travel days. Spread them out or use them back-to-back – you choose.


A month-long adventure

You can use your travel days any time within 1 month of your start date. Activate your Pass when you want to start traveling, then just start adding journeys to your Pass as you go.


Extra benefits and discounts

Save as you travel with discounts all across Europe on everything from top attractions to ferry trips and hostel stays with our 100+ partners.    

Delivered straight to your device

No need to wait for shipping – we'll email you a code so you can add your mobile Pass straight to our app on your device.


How to get started with a mobile Pass →


Prefer a paper Pass?

Choose a paper Pass at checkout to see shipping costs and estimated delivery times.

Change of plans? No problem

You can activate your mobile Pass any time within 11 months of purchase. Even after activating your Pass, you can still change your mind up until midnight before your first travel day.


Need to cancel your trip?

Your Pass is fully refundable and exchangeable within 7 days of purchase. After the 7 days, you can receive an 85% refund for your unused Pass or exchange it for a €15 fee.


For maximum flexibility, upgrade to Plus in the checkout to make your Pass 100% refundable.

See where your Pass can take you

Need some itinerary inspiration? Use the map to see where other Eurailers have traveled with this Pass.


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Visit over 30,000 destinations

Your Global Pass can take you all across Europe, from big cities to tiny villages. Plan a route or decide on the day – it's up to you.


Travel freely and flexibly

Hop on and off most trains as you please, or buy additional seat reservations for high-speed and sleeper trains.


Anyone can explore with Eurail

Youths and seniors get a discount, and up to 2 children travel free with an adult. So why not take the whole family?

Your ticket to 30,000 destinations, and everything in between

Get travel discounts with our 100+ partners

✔︎ Included in this Pass

20% off luggage storage

Store your luggage safely all across Europe with Stasher.



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✔︎ Included in this Pass

10% off tours and attractions

Get discounted tickets to Europe's top attractions with Get Your Guide.