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Paper Pass Information Center


Welcome to the Eurail paper Pass Information Center made especially for travelers like you. Here you'll find all things paper Pass related to ensure a smooth trip from start to finish.

How to use the paper Pass

Traveling with a paper Pass is a bit different than traveling with our mobile Pass. Make sure you record every train you take in the My Trip section on the Pass Cover. 



Eurail Map

The Eurail Map shows you the main train network in Europe, as well as all discounted ferries you can take. On the back of the map you'll find additional information including approximate travel times between Europe’s major cities, plus some great scenic routes. 


Download the Eurail Map (9.6 MB PDF) below, that way you'll always have it with you when you're traveling.

Need more space to record trips? 

Depending on how many trains you take during your Eurail trip, it's possible you'll run out of space in your My Trip section (this is called the Travel Diary on Pass covers from 2020). 


When this happens and you're still exploring Europe by train, simply download and print extra lines so you can continue your trip.

Pass Guides

We've created a Pass guide with information about how to use your Eurail Pass. You can download the Pass Guide in one of the following languages:


Please note:

The Eurail Map and Pass Guide are published once a year. Since some of the information can change throughout the year, you should always check our website for the most up-to-date information.


Download the Rail Planner App

Europe is at your fingertips with the Rail Planner app. Download the app, and you can look up train times offline, plan your trip, and find out whether or not you need a reservation. 

Conditions of Use

The use of the Eurail Pass is governed by the conditions of the Railway Companies and the Conditions of Use issued by Eurail BV. Click on the button below to view the most up-to-date Conditions of Use (PDF download).